Katy Perry and Taylor Swift Made Peace with A Batch of Cookies

The doughy peace offering has fans speculating a collaboration all over social media.

It’s not all that common a batch of cookies breaks the good ol’ internet, and definitely not ending a years-long feud. Lo and behold, Katy Perry gave it a go with a viral Instagram post of a batch of chocolate chips cookies, either to or from Taylor Swift, indicating the end of a years-long feud between the two pop stars.

The stars’ tiff wasn’t the first for Taylor Swift, or for Katy Perry; speculative or otherwise. It’s unclear whether or not the two are set to be besties, but fans on social media are wishfully thinking of a collaboration in the works. One thing’s for sure: Perry’s “Let’s Be Friends” Instagram location sets a new tone for her relationship with Swift.

Katy Perry
Image via Instagram / @KatyPerry
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