Katy Perry Returns with “Never Really Over”

The star returned to her Teenage Dream-era sounds and vibe.

Katy Perry is back.

Returning to her beloved “Teenage Dream” era, Katy Perry put out “Never Really Over” earlier today. The song is a fun, upbeat dance track produced by DJ favorite Zedd. Nearly two years after the release of her album Witness, the 34-year-old singer dropped the summery breakup anthem early Friday morning with a hippie-themed music video.

Katy Perry Never Really Over

The colorful video is set at a 70’s-inspired retreat where Katy tries various types of wellness activities including acupuncture and heart-shaped cupping. “I guess I could try a new therapy, I’ve gotta rewire this brain/‘Cause I can’t even go on the internet without even checking your name,” she sings. At a recent YouTube event as reported by E! News, Katy told the audience, “It’s really just a song about the choices we have in life; to take steps forward or backwards. And how your mind is extremely powerful and how if you don’t take those steps forward, as hard as they may be, you can take a step backwards into a loop that you don’t love, so it’s kind of about that.”

Watch the psychedelic “Never Really Over” music video below.

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