Keep Warm, Stay Hot With These Fall Jacket Trends

Here are the hottest ways to stay warm this fall season.

Sorry summer lovers, fall is here. So, unless you want to shiver away in the cool autumn breeze, it’s best you get a jacket or two to keep warm.

Now there are so many to choose from: trench coats, denim jackets, blazers, dusters, puffers, bombers … well, you get the picture.

But what’s the best bet at staying warm and looking hot while doing it? V have you covered.

We compiled a list of this fall’s hottest outerwear trends, ranging from classy blazers to chic biker jackets.

First, classic denim.

An oversized denim moment can steer no one wrong. The extra fabric gives you more warmth when you need it, or when you don’t drape it off the shoulder for a ‘model-off-duty’ look.

This Acne Studio one is just as trendy as it is functional.

Not willing to splurge on that one? Good American can give you a similar look for significantly less.

Then there’s the recently revisited motorcycle jacket. Whether it’s leather or cloth, it still gives your fall wardrobe an edge and can easily be dressed up or down for any occasion.

This Polo Ralph Lauren one from ASOS is just as warm as it is stylish. Featuring patches, stripes, zippers, and all the typical biker jacket fixings, it can make the perfect addition to your fall wardrobe.

Or consider this Diesel leather biker jacket which is a perfect option for anyone, like me, who refuses to wear color in their fall wardrobe.

Don’t worry, though; if you can’t shrill out nearly 1000 for a jacket, there are sure to be plenty of similar styles at your local vintage store or thrift shop.

Lastly, there’s also this denim take on the moto jacket from Kenzo, which is the perfect combination of everything we love about a classic biker jacket with the subversive edge of the denim.

There’s also the perfect-for-all-occasions oversized blazer. Although blazers can be seen in the scorching heat or freezing cold, they are particularly useful for fall when you just want something light but heavy enough to keep you warm.

V likes this Frankie Shop Geslo over-sized breasted blazer which can just as easily be worn to the bar or the boardroom.

Or there’s this modern take on a blazer from Jacquemus. Its tailored waist gives you an effortlessly chic look and can flatter anyone who wears it.

Last but not least is timeless trench coats and to-die-for dusters.

Leather plus trench coat equals timeless fall staple. This vegan leather trench coat from EYTYS is perfect for fall layering. You could put a sweatshirt underneath to tress it down or a button-up and scarf to dress it up; either way, it’s amazing.

There’s also this long denim duster from Alexander Wang that will have anyone looking like a model.

But, you can never go wrong with the classic-style trench coat. This one from ASOS is the perfect one for all your fall needs.

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