Keeping it real: Millennial Entrepreneur Leonard Sekyonda Launches Production Studio Dedicated to Culture, Truth & Authenticity  

MYCOMEUP Studios is peeling back the curtain behind celebrity success journeys — and they’re not afraid to tell the truth.

Successful people are often the most adaptable. They evolve with time and make the best of whatever life throws at them. The same can be said for Leonard Sekyonda — the serial entrepreneur, millennial thought leader and best-selling author who’s ready to make waves in the content world as CEO of MYCOMEUP Studios.  

From setting up a multi-million-pound international recruitment company that partnered nurses in The Philippines with academic sponsors to founding the MYCOMEUP blog to share advice with other entrepreneurs, Sekyonda is someone who says ‘no’ to failure and an unapologetic ‘yes’ to serving like-minded people. Born and raised on a council estate in South London, Sekyonda’s vision and work ethic saw him break through the glass ceiling imposed on people from his kind of background. He dropped out of university to set up his first business and he hasn’t looked back since.  

As CEO of MYCOMEUP Studios, Sekyonda’s ready to help motivate and inspire the generation of entrepreneurs through film — something that he’s personally passionate about. His best-selling book, ‘Become Your Own Hero’, shares tips on personal development and pursuing success — and it’s been personally vetted by a handful of successful figures, including athlete and Arsenal manager Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.  

Since 2009, ‘MYCOMEUP’ — the platform Sekyonda originally launched as a passion project — has rapidly scaled up from a humble blog, to a YouTube channel (supported by the likes of P. Diddy, Sir Alan Sugar and 50 Cent), to a subscription-based online community for creatives and entrepreneurs serving over 128,000 global users. Today, they’re getting ready to launch MYCOMEUP STUDIO: a human-centered film production house based in London that creates visionary, impactful content focused on sharing the real journey behind the success stories of global influencers and change-makers.  

The studio’s work is diverse: whether it’s through documentaries, digital content, or commercial film production, the MYCOMEUP Studios team (comprised of content creators, curators, and filmmakers) are dedicated to showcasing the stories of modern cultural influencers, industry leaders, and innovators. Without bias, judgment, or hidden agenda, MYCOMEUP Studios are committed to telling the true story of every one of their subjects — successes and failures alike.  

Since launching, the studio has featured a number of public figures, including artists, entrepreneurs, sportspeople, and activists, interviewing them on their life stories and the lessons they have learned. Recent interviewees include Gashi, Lola Coca, Lenny S., and Karen Civil.  

Reflecting on the studio’s no-BS approach to telling a truthful story, Sekyonda says: “These interviews serve as lessons for younger people aspiring to be successful. They’ll get to follow the stories of the interviewees from where they came from, to where they are now, and truly see what it took them to get there.”  

Sekyonda adds: “Through our candid interviews, viewers will get to see inside the minds of successful entrepreneurs and what their thought process was behind every decision, whether that decision was successful or not. We’re bringing viewers a refreshing new level of transparency that’s rarely been seen in the business world.”  

The studio is now working with an exciting lineup of cultural influencers, industry leaders, and public figures who are ready to reveal the true, unfiltered story behind their come up. All the interviews will be accessible on the MYCOMEUP Studios website. Stay tuned.

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