Keeping up with Kanye’s Album Release

Kanye West has unveiled the new release date for his album Jesus is King, which is slated for October 25

It is rumored that at Kanye West’s most recent listening party for his album Jesus is King at George Washington University he unveiled the final release date of the long-awaited album. It was apparently announced that the album would be released in tandem with his documentary, which was directed and filmed by long-time V photographer Nick Knight, Jesus is King: A Kanye West Film on October 25.

This new announcement comes after release date promises have come and gone. In a previous article, VMAN speculated the reasoning behind the delays. Kim Kardashian West, in an Instagram story, said that the initial release of the album was slated for September 27, which never happened. But those who attended Saturday’s listening party said that the mention of the release date was true.

However, the album’s release date was not the only thing unveiled at the event; West also announced that he recently converted to Christianity. The declaration of his religion does not come as quite a surprise as he is the host of his legendary Sunday Services, however, it does corroborate with a rumor that from now on he is only writing religious music, according to Hypebeast.

The countdown to the IMAX documentary and the album has only eleven more days. It will be interesting to see how the two artistic works set the stage for the future of Kanye West’s religion-based music.

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