Kelsey Lu Declares “I’m Not in Love” in A New Short Film

Kelsey Lu covers a 1970’s rock track in a dedication to those “misunderstood in the name of Love”.

Serving us the two-for-one deal we didn’t know we needed, our latest cover star, Kelsey Lu, unveils her newest track accompanied by a short film directed by Alima Lee. “I’m Not in Love” a 1970’s hit originally released by English rock band 10cc, gets a major make over courtesy of Lu. Revamping the track’s signature sound that made it a hit in the first place, North Carolina-native adds her own airy vocals, delivering an ethereal rendition that’s also picked up by the haunting visuals. 

In the seven-minute short film, the classically trained cellist tells the story of a sweet romance turned sour. Peering out of a window, a lugubrious Lu commits an unspeakable act. A dead body is dragged through the hallway of a home, painting the wooden floors red as it sweeps across. Red-handed in blood and guilt, Lu breaks into interpretive dance with locked eye contact to the viewer. Lu’s heavenly vocals against the erotic horror flick presented create a contrast stark and mysterious. Her tresses, long enough to put Rapunzel to shame, continue to swing in circular motions putting the viewer in a trance. The trance of Kelsey Lu, in which you will be taken to an alternate universe. 

Lu considers the piece an ode to those “misunderstood in the name of Love,” continuing “in the name of Self. Who Love the Passion, Love the Grace Of Dramatics, Love the obsession of life and want to Kill the Confusion all while finding beauty in the abstract of growth and humor that surrounds the horrors both within and around us daily.”

See the full video below.


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