Kendall Jenner & Heron Preston Debut Orange Toothpaste for MOON

The oral beauty brand tapped two of fashion’s most in-demand individuals for a one-of-a-kind collaboration.

Orange toothpaste. Yes, the very notion of a brightly colored paste seems a bit wacky but when you bring in Heron Preston—the mastermind artist, designer, and DJ behind his namesake streetwear label, and next-generation supermodel and V alumni Kendall Jenner, the orange paste somehow makes perfect sense. Created in collaboration with MOON, the aesthetically-pleasing oral beauty brand, the duo has brought an unexpected and effervescent twist to the oral care game. Launching today exclusively on StockX, the #1 fastest growing resale platform, the limited-edition collaboration sees Moon’s signature Stain Removal Fluoride-Free Whitening Paste completely reimagined by Heron Preston, using his signature orange hue. Limited to only 350 units, the toothpaste will be the first personal care product to be featured as one of StockX’s DropX collaborations, simultaneously marking StockX’s debut into the personal care/beauty realm.

Below, discover a Q+A with V’s Kevin Ponce about the head-turning new paste and how the collaboration came to be.

Kevin Ponce: How did the idea for this collaboration come to fruition?

Kendall Jenner: Shaun Neff, Founder of MOON, came up with the idea to drop a limited edition launch and Heron was perfect—I’ve been a fan of Heron and his brand!

Heron Preston: We had been speaking at the top of this year about the project. Kendall has been a good friend of mine and Moon reached out to me with StockX together for this project. They have been fans of my brand and expressed their interest in collaborating together. That was basically how the relationship kicked off, it was very organic.

KP: Heron—Let’s talk about the color orange! Why is this particular color the signature detail for your brand?

HP: The orange color has been my main color from the start of my brand. I have been establishing this color since season one and it has become my signature color now.


KP: By far, this will be one of the most fun oral care products we’ve seen on the market! How did you react to the idea of the collaboration?

HP: I thought visually this project could be really engaging. We are programmed to think toothpaste should be a certain color, so this was my chance to disrupt that. I thought this would lead people to begin to think about the taste, the flavor, the ingredients, so I was excited to be approached by Moon.

KP: Kendall—How has the creative process with Shaun been since MOON’s official launch in 2019?

KJ: Since the start, Shaun Neff and I joined forces to innovate and disrupt the oral care category. He came to me with his ideas for the products, specifically the Teeth Whitening Pen, that I was then able to add my input on how the product should be applied and infuse some of my favorite flavors and ingredients into the formulas—I was excited to be a part of something that I felt like not a lot of people were doing.

KP: What was it about oral care that made you want to create specialty products for MOON?

KJ: Shaun came to me with this idea and concept of oral beauty. For him, the category was lacking a product that was visually appealing on shelves—I was instantly attracted to the aesthetic of the brand and the product is great! It was important to the brand that we not only created visually aesthetic products but also formulas that were made without sulfates, parabens, and were cruelty-free, PETA certified, and vegan.


KP:  In my opinion, the most important feature of a person is their smile—what do you think is so intriguing about a smile?

KJ: Being a part of developing oral care and oral beauty line like MOON gave me an opportunity to be a part of the building process in creating something that would encourage others to feel good about their own smiles.

KP: Stock x is the latest growing resale platform—why was it important to release this through their channel?

HP: Josh Luber, the co-founder of StockX, was starting to curate a series of drops on StockX and he asked me whether I would be interested in participating. I have always seen StockX as an interesting platform to connect with people, but I never worked with them apart from the Solidarity Response Fund Charity Campaign.  Josh is my friend and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for me to finally get involved and work with the StockX community.

KP: Will we be seeing some orange smile selfies once this drops?

HP: That is the idea! I wanted to create a toothpaste that wasn’t in the typical white color. We are programmed to think toothpaste should be white and when we see it in a different color, we start to imagine its taste and ingredients. A colored toothpaste introduces a lot of wonders. So creating this toothpaste in orange was the first idea I had when Moon approached me. I wanted to bring something interesting to the monotony of brushing your teeth.


The Moon x Heron Preston Whitening Toothpaste will be available on StockX at 1 PM EST!


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