Kentaro Sakaguchi in Tokyo

Kentaro Sakaguchi in Tokyo


Kentaro Sakaguchi in Tokyo

Wearing PEACEBIRDMEN, HUGO, Oliver Peoples, and MSGM, Kentaro Sakaguchi gave us a fashionable tour of Tokyo.

Wearing PEACEBIRDMEN, HUGO, Oliver Peoples, and MSGM, Kentaro Sakaguchi gave us a fashionable tour of Tokyo.

Photography: Natalie O’Moore


Shooting Sakaguchi Kentaro on the streets of Tokyo is no easy feat. The Japanese actor's cult-like status in his country means that wherever he goes, an army of zealot fans are sure to follow, and loudly. Having worked as a model before becoming a household name in his country, he's at least no stranger to the camera. As a part of our V City Guides series, we asked Sakaguchi to give us an insider look at Tokyo's hotspots.

For the full city guide, stay tuned for our V118 issue in March. In the meantime, check out our shoot and interview, below.

What are some of your earliest memories of Tokyo? 

I was born in Tokyo, where information and culture are both overflowing. So it has made me interested in various pursuits of knowledge.

Why is Tokyo unlike any other city in Japan, or the world? 

It is a place where all of Japan's cultures gather together. From that, I think this new thing called "the culture of Tokyo" was born.

Are you a big traveler? 

In 2018, I had a little free time, so I went to several Asian countries and I also went to Europe. Next time, I would like to visit America.

What do you usually prefer to do when you travel? 

I like to eat and shop, so I go to restaurants and drinking establishments that are frequented by people who live locally. I can feel a genuine atmosphere in those places.

Have you ever visited V's home base of New York? 

I went there several times for magazines. I felt that New York also had a lot of overflowing cultures, and it was a lot of fun.

How did you become interested in acting? 

As I was a model, I became interested in expressing myself through roles.

What are your hopes for 2019? 

I want to express myself more, as I am.

Kentaro Sakaguchi wears PEACEBIRDMEN, Oliver Peoples sunglasses, HUGO shoes and MSGM shoes. 

Credits: Executive Creative Director: Alice Longyu Gao Digital Editor: Mathias Rosenzweig Director: Yao Zhou D.O.P: Shen Lin Stylist: Shinya Watanabe Hair & Makeup: Chika Kimura (Tsuju Management)


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