Kenzo Dresses A Complicated Season

“The world is crying, so are the flowers…”

The environment, with all its varied colors and ecosystems, is just as essential to Kenzo as the fabrics that drape their models. But what to do when the environment that inspires your fun and vibrant collections sets on fire? Well, now Kenzo’s flowers are crying.

For their Spring/Summer 2021 collection, archival floral prints were given a digital crying revamp. Beekeeper style veils keep both danger and the world at a safe distance from the models that walked through Kenzo’s lush garden.

“From flowers, the primal feeling of protection and cocooning came an ode to the bees, the regulators of the planet,” wrote Felipe Oliveira Baptista, Kenzo’s Creative Director. “Now, more than ever we are overwhelmed by a sense of urgency to take care and protect our world. Bees and the beekeepers with their mesmerizing clothing and hats that echo so strongly the fragility and distance imposed and needed today.”

Featuring both men’s and women’s styles, Baptista’s designs tend toward the functional. Pockets are numerous. He uses strictly recyclable plastics. Models walk freely down the dirt path in the layered pieces.

“It is time to look at things differently and from new perspectives,” wrote Baptista. “Time to pull everything apart and put it back together again in a surprising, free, and innovative yet meaningful way.”

Check out the collection below.

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