Kesha Announces New Beauty Line

The singer announces a beauty line to accompany her new album “High Road.”

Kesha announced that accompanying the release of her newest album, High Road, will be her first-ever beauty line.

On December 3, the initial release of Kesha Rose Beauty will include an eyeshadow palette, two eyeliners, a red lipstick, and a gloss. And while the actual color scheme has not been revealed, it can be inferred that it will reflect Kesha’s personal style: Euphoria-esque, organized chaos and always colorful.

The new products have an emphasis on green—not the color necessarily, but the mentality. All of the products are vegan, cruelty-free and made with the best intentions. And the best intentions also bleed into her ethos behind creating this beauty line.

“Perfect is not real, and normal is boring. When you get my makeup, I just want you to play and have fun,” Kesha said in a video accompanying the announcement.

The video provides a brief glimpse into the ethos behind the line. In just over 30 seconds, Kesha’s playful energy and unapologetic uniqueness shine through to the viewer. She is seen holding an extra-large, orange palette and is seen aggressively kissing a man meanwhile intentionally smudging her alleged red lipstick all over their faces.

With this new beauty line, Kesha proves that the colorful and beautiful internal parts of ourselves can be expressed on the outside.

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