KHAITE Celebrates the Resilience of New York City

The Fall/Winter 2021 collection is bold and adaptable, just like the city itself.

With countless businesses shuttered and an exodus of former residents, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a difficult time for New York City. But Cate Holstein, creative director of KHAITE, sees the potential within this challenging moment. “New York feels raw and exposed now, up for grabs in a way I’ve never seen before. It can be frustrating and even feel hopeless, but it’s also exciting, and to live here is to cycle through these emotions, rapidly,” she says. The new Fall/Winter 2021 collection from KHAITE explores the city’s potential for rebirth with a film directed by Sean Baker.

The film has an electric emotional charge and depicts rival groups of friends racing through the subway, smashing plenty of windows, and treating New York like their personal playground, all while wearing the new collection. It creates a dizzying mood, like an explosion of the pent-up energy New Yorkers have been feeling while on lockdown in their apartments.

Jackets in bright red and green allude to traffic lights and block out the wind that blows between skyscrapers. They’re the perfect getup for pedestrians and conscientious outdoor diners.

The Lotus Tote, a deep leather bag with sculptural folds, is designed for New Yorkers on the go and comes in both neutral and eye-catching colors. This combination of practicality with innovation is what makes KHAITE a quintessentially New York brand.

Elegant, classical drapery adheres to the wearer’s body to create an impression of effortless style that is the brand’s trademark.

Although the collection embraces New York’s toughness and grit, there are many delicate details as well. Backless dresses are subtly sexy and embellished with the finest lace.

Despite the challenges facing New York City and the fashion industry, KHAITE remains unafraid to take risks. “No one moves to New York to play it safe,” says Holstein. This collection certainly doesn’t.

The Fall/Winter 2021 collection is available for preorder on the KHAITE website.

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