KHAITE Goes Futuristic With Bods

“Deep tech, but make it fashion.”

KHAITE has always sought to innovate. Since its founding in 2016, it has made a name for itself as a boundary pusher in American sportswear. Polished and timeless pieces make up their collections, with an attention to the subtle details revolving around “The Feminine Unique.” With the arrival of their Pre-Fall 2021 collection, KHAITE has revolutionized the fitting room as the exclusive partner of Bods. 


Bods, though still in its beta form, is more than just a questionnaire about size, fit and style. Personalized and immersive, you can now try on pieces on their website with a digitized 3D version of yourself designed by either uploading photos, or inputting key measurements. A selection of 18 pieces from the KHAITE website, including clothing, footwear and accessories, are all at your fingertips in this virtual fitting room experience. 


“From materials to silhouettes to fit, we consider every detail, down to the millimeter, and Bods allows us to tell the next chapter of the KHAITE story,” said Catherine Holstein, the founder and creative director of KHAITE. 


The stunningly realistic renderings, and the ability to fine tune measurements and body positioning by hand, mean that clients can see exactly how a piece will look on them. With a broad range of body types and skin tones, KHAITE is continuing their efforts to extend their size range and create inclusive products. 

Image courtesy of KHAITE.

This will also allow people to better see how an item will drape on their body, what colors work best and will ultimately allow them to make all around better decisions about the products they are purchasing.


“Poor-fitting clothes lead to billions of pounds of waste and countless disappointed customers. If you can fix fit, while making it enjoyable and beautiful, you can fix everything,” said Christina Marzano, co-founder and CEO of Bods. “Our elegant solution bridges two distinct and powerful worlds—it’s deep tech, but make it fashion.”


You can also experiment with styling options, from adding a tote or a clutch to virtually stepping into a selection of KHAITE footwear. Making this a complete and realistic shopping experience, without the hassle.

Image courtesy of KHAITE.

For Holstein and Marzano, this marriage of fashion and AI technology is only the beginning. With an eye to the future, the pair sees this technology expanding to the rest of KHAITE’s collections, and possibly into the world of haute-couture and beyond. Perhaps, in the not so distant future, we will all be able to choose our outfits with a screen every morning, à la Cher Horowitz.

Bods beta is now available for all to try on

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