KidSuper Is Making Noise for Fashion Sustainability

With an interactive installation and a recycled runway show, the designer is inspiring change.

Amidst the madness of runway shows and the uniformity of final walks, the sustainable, creative label KidSuper took a slightly different approach to their fashion week experience with a concept exhibition: Assembly Line. An ode to the traditions of garment-making, this interactive presentation showcases a new era of recyclable fashion, transparent manufacturing, and circular design as each visitor steps into the assembly line and creates their own piece alongside an artisanal assistant.

Upon entering, guests “clock in” as creatives and imminently engulf themselves in the designer process as piles of fabrics, sourced from donations in the greater New York area, stand at their disposal. The creative is presented with the opportunity to sift through the vast collection of textiles and ultimately draft a concept for their own, one-of-a-kind design. Once the visiting visionaries have made their selections, a panel of artisans (rows of tailors and screen printers in lab coats) assist in the construction of their idea. After the artisanal work is complete, visitors leave the exhibition with a composition of their own creation, inspiring generations of designers and artists to create, donate, and upcycle. It’s an experiential reminder that exclusionary and wasteful practices need not be the industry standard, and it’s a wake-up call the world so greatly needs right now. 

Along with the installation, KidSuper made sure to send some of his recycled creations down the runway this season as well. Constructed entirely from the fabrics collected for Assembly Line, KidSuper’s 41 unique looks prove his creative mind and no-waste approach sovereign. From a dress crafted completely of polaroids to a blazer sewn through intricate patchworking, everything down to the last fabric sample was put to use for this show. As an artistic presentation and political statement, KidSuper’s recycled runway will certainly motivate other creatives and visionaries to make their practices sustainable. 

The Assembly Line installation will only be open for a limited time from September 5-24 in Brooklyn, New York, so you must secure arrangements quickly if you want to support their sustainable efforts. In addition, each of KidSuper’s recycled designs will be available for purchase exclusively online at 

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