Kiernan Shipka Talks TV and Fashion at UGG’s ‘Feel House’ Event In West Hollywood

The starlet opens up about her upcoming new series, working with Diane Kruger, and recalls her earliest memory with UGG.  

Nestled right by the Hollywood Hills and taking up a one night only residence at Sunset, the luxe gathering center inside The West Hollywood Edition hotel, you would’ve found the first fête of UGG’s “Feel House” weekend-long celebration, with a knockout performance by Remi Wolf and appearances made by L.A.’s coolest kids such as Barbie Ferreira, Rowan Blanchard, Parris Goebel, and none other than Kiernan Shipka. The actress, known for her roles in hit television series such as Mad Men, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and Riverdale, clad in a mint green matching ensemble (complete with the UGG Maxi Slide, of course) caught up with V’s Kevin Ponce to talk shoes, new projects, and style.

Kiernan Shipka: I love the name, Kevin.

Kevin Ponce: Oh why thank you–I love the name Kiernan.

KS: I actually just played a character named Kevan.

KP: Did you really?

KS: Everyone thought her name was [pronounced as] Ki-ven, and I was like “No! It’s just Kevan.”

KP: Wait, what show is this character in?

KS: It’s called “The White House Plumbers” but it hasn’t come out yet–it’s an HBO show. I play a real person named Kevan Hunt.

Kiernan Shipka | Courtesy of UGG + Getty Images

KP: Definitely keeping our eyes out for that one. How do you feel about being here on the first night of UGG’s ‘FEEL HOUSE’ weekend?

KS: I mean, coming to an event where you can wear UGGs is the dream come true–that’s when you know you’re doing it right.

KP: Do you remember your first pair of UGG shoes?

KS: Yeah, I do! It was the classic UGG [boot] that we all know and love. But I remember when I was around 6,7 [years old] filming Mad Men, January Jones, who is an icon, would always wear her UGGs on set. And that’s when I [took notice and] thought ‘that’s what the cool girls wear’ and ever since then, I’ve been a fan from a comfort and cute standpoint.

KP: How would you style them for your day-to-day?

Remi Wolf, Guest, & Kiernan Shipka | Courtesy of UGG + Getty Images

KS: I feel like everyone’s style evolves, and the way you wear UGG is always gonna change. I remember being 15, 16 years old, and tucking my leggings into the boots. Now, I’m in a different space obviously, and the shoes they are making now are much different, but the UGGs have stayed–style has changed, but UGG is forever.

KP: You have a few projects coming out soon, such as Swimming with Sharks. What was the experience like playing the role of an assistant to a Hollywood executive?

KS: It was the most fun. It’s coming out now, but we filmed it about two years ago.

KP: Was anything affected because of the pandemic?

KS: They filmed it before we knew that there was such a thing coming and we had six weeks to film. The first three weeks went right up to around March 14th and we got shot down. And then about five months later, we came back and shot the rest of it. So we shot all of that in 2020.

KP: Wow, that’s intense.

Barbie Ferreira & Kiernan Shipka | Courtesy of UGG + Getty Images

KS: It was supposed to be a Quibi show and then Quibi shut down too. So for the show to actually be seeing the light of day is kind of surreal and amazing. I’m so happy that it’s coming out because it’s actually great. It’s so fun and I’m really excited about it. I’m such a different person now, so it’s cool to see that version of myself living on a screen.

KP: And you’re starring alongside Diane Kruger. What was it like meeting and working with her?

KS: Yeah, she’s amazing! I lose my mind over her. I think she’s so beautiful. She gives such an amazing performance and she’s a really generous actress. I think she’s wonderful.

KP: Is there anything that you learned from working with her?

KS: She’s so professional–she’s such a pro and is so communicative and knows how to read the room, and is kind through and through. There are times where the scene calls for being more serious, outside of shots, and when you shouldn’t exactly be laughing, but [she knows] you should always be kind and I think that’s the testament of a good and professional person. She showed up everyday with just such beautiful energy. 

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