You want it? They’ve got it in (faux) leather.

SKIMS has announced the launch of its latest and most provocative swim campaign shot by esteemed photographer Steven Klein and featuring the brand’s co-founder, Kim Kardashian. 

Photography by Steven Klein | Courtesy of SKIMS

Throughout the campaign, Kim Kardashian is at the focal point of every shot. Kardashian commands center stage in pieces from SKIMS’s new Rubberized Scuba Swim and Faux Leather Swim collections, paired with black thigh-high boots and, of course, Kardashian wears her viral swim gloves that were introduced last year.

“As a photographer, I am inspired in collaborating with icons,” said Steven Klein, the photographer for the sultry photoshoot. “Icons are symbols, the alphabet of desire. Kim speaks this language.”

Photography by Steven Klein | Courtesy of SKIMS

With oiled-up bodies, power posing, and leather everywhere, the campaign is reminiscent of the provocative aesthetics of Helmut Newton. The sleek dominatrix style of the collection meets striking poses, creating an atmosphere of uninhibited allure.

Besides creating captivating imagery, the campaign seems to be a strategic move aimed at garnering attention on social through its bold approach and unexpected nature.

Photography by Steven Klein | Courtesy of SKIMS

“Steven and I have collaborated on so many iconic images over the years and I’m grateful that we once again have partnered on SKIMS for the new swim campaign,” said Kim Kardashian, Co-Founder and Creative Director of SKIMS. “His creative touch and vision for this collection are exactly what make him the incredible photographer he is today.”

Kardashian and Klein have a longtime creative relationship, with Klein shooting Kim for various fashion campaigns and titles such as Interview Magazine and Richardson Magazine. Although the campaign’s fearless experimentation may be new to SKIMS, the aesthetic undoubtedly resonates with Steven Klein’s realm of expertise. As SKIMS continues to soar to new heights of success, the present moment is ripe for bold experimentation.

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