Kim Kardashian Promotes SKIMS with a Vintage-Inspired Infomercial

Calling on Kris Jenner, Lisa Rinna, and Kyle Richards, this latest campaign is a must-see.

Kim Kardashian is a marketing mastermind, and her latest SKIMS campaign certainly surpasses that testament. Breaking free from the clutter of brands resuscitating variations of the same strategies, the Kardashian sister took her latest promotional series to the next level. Enlisting the fitting cast of mother Kris Jenner and television personalities Lisa Rinna and Kyle Richards, the reality TV starlet recreated a set of ‘90s style infomercials to advertise her latest SKIMS range. 

Seated on two couches reminiscent of a home shopping channel program, the three women share the humorous insight behind their love for SKIMS. In the first video, mother Jenner introduces a model named Chanel wearing two pieces from the latest collection with prices for each piece listed on the side of the screen in an old-fashioned typeface. As the crowd cheers in response to the shapewear’s evident comfort and flexibility, Jenner holds back a laugh as she reads from a teleprompter, “You don’t want sweet chariots to swing low.” Cutting to the final frame, visuals of Kim Kardashian West wearing SKIMS loop while a voiceover advises customers to call 1-716-SKIMSTV to purchase Kim’s essentials, paying homage to TV’s vintage commercials.

Kardashian West announced the debut of SKIMS last year, and the shapewear label has blossomed immensely since. Offering sizes ranging from XXS to five XL, SKIMS truly embraces and caters to all body types. In addition to the expansive sizing, SKIMS also presents a wide range of products, including the latest addition of body tape, which joined the SKIMS family earlier this month. A go-to source for glam preparations, SKIMS makes dressing up for an evening soirée that much more fun. 

Dial 1-716-SKIMSTV for a convincing, robotic Kim Kardashian West sales pitch, and have a laugh at the series of SKIMS infomercials below. 


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