Kim Kardashian West Is Working on a Criminal Justice Documentary

Kim Kardashian West brings her justice reform work in front of the camera.

A reality television star, a model, a socialite, and a…documentary filmmaker? That’s right, Kim Kardashian West is taking a leap of faith to make a name for herself outside of her image-bound identity and Kardashian empire. In recent years, she has taken huge strides to advocate for criminal justice and prison reform. In 2018, Kim dedicated months to behind the scenes lobbying with those close to Trump. Taking advantage of a time in which having millions of followers is more important than a political background, Kim used her power to advocate for Alice Marie Johnson in Alabama. Utilizing her fame and connections, Kardashian West set her sights on the White House, ready to accomplish her newfound, political mission.

This summer, Kim has taken her activism even further. In June, Kim returned to the White House to announce her new partnership with Lyft, promising to provide formerly incarcerated people rides to job interviews. Soon after, Kim visited a correctional treatment facility in Washington, D.C. to learn about the Georgetown Prison Scholars program, which seeks to provide higher education courses in prisons. She posted photos with the Georgetown professor and director of the Prisons and Justice Initiative, Dr. Marc Howard while visiting D.C.

“Last week I was so moved by Dr. Marc Howard,” she tweeted, “I met so many amazing people that can’t wait to share their stories with you.” Now, Kim is turning a new chapter. Using her expertise from reality-tv, Kim will be releasing a documentary on Oxygen about the justice system. Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project will follow Kim as she visits the prison and continues to enlarge her influence for the rights of incarcerated people.

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