Kim Petras’s Clarity is Sublime Pop Perfection

The superstar’s first full length body of work is here to save pop music.

It was only a year ago that Kim Petras popped into the V office to introduce herself by performing acoustic renditions of a couple of her tracks. Shortly after, V flew Petras into New York City last-minute to surprise supermodel Gigi Hadid at her 2018 summer cover launch party by performing a star power-packed set and since, it seems you can’t find yourself out at a club without hearing one of her newly iconic bops. Today, Petras has officially released her first full-length body of work Claritywhich front to back delivers sublime pop perfection.

Gifting her fans—also known as “bunheads”—with an unprecedented 10-week single release schedule, Petras fearlessly flexes for the work she creates, which in turn has manifested a superstar level of success. The debut glimpse into the this new era, “Broken” is a confident departure from the faux-vanity Kim we’ve all come to love, to a more vulnerable wavelength that sheds a focused light on Petras’s incredible songwriting and her ability to instill witty currency into every single hook. “Got My Number”, “Sweet Spot” (THE song of the summer), and “Personal Hell” are a trio of guaranteed dance floor classics while her anthemic voice pulls through on “Do Me”, “Blow It All” and then brighter than ever on her closing number “Shinin’”.

A rise to fame that only happens once or twice in a generation, Petras has made herself ready for world domination. Her genius connection to and love for pop music is something someone can only be born with, making her a Joan of Arc figure among the never-ending noise within the industry. A mover and shaker in every sense of the term, Clarity and its already sold-out tour indisputably cements Kim Petras as a household name. You’ve secured the bag sis, and V couldn’t be more proud of you. WOO-AH!

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