King Princess and Soundcloud Are a Match Made in Heaven

Things are about to get interesting. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

King Princess takes meme-queen, gif-guru, pop culture-spoofer to a whole new level. Between her legitimate compositions, the pop singer’s SoundCloud account is scattered with goofy, too-good-to-be-true remixes. The techno tracks take iconic moments in pop culture and turn them into dance-fueled bops. It’s hard to believe these remixes actually have a home on the internet. If King Princess keeps it up, Billboard might just have to make a chart for top 100—OK, maybe 10-20—parody songs.

Below, listen to the V117 cover star’s seven pop-culture sampled-and-inspired mixes.


Remix: Mary-Liuz (Plz Plz) feat. Meryl Streep

Pop Culture Moment: Big Little Lies

Explanation: The second and final season HBO’s Big Little Lies saw the introduction of evil, twisted and loathing mother-in-law Mary Louise Wright, played by Meryl Streep. King Princess sampled a snippet of the show in which Mary Louise expresses her anger over her son’s death to her grandsons and daughter-in-law, Celeste (Nicole Kidman), over dinner. Mary Louise lets out a full-blown, throaty scream, leaving Celeste shocked to the core, pleading with her to stop.

Remix: We Were All Rooting For You, Sis (how dare you)

Pop Culture Moment: America’s Next Top Model

Explanation: This one shouldn’t need much explanation. The gif of Tyra Banks losing it on a ANTM contestant has been circling the internet for years. The meltdown aired back in the show’s fourth cycle in 2005. From cable TV to massive gif circulation to electronic music remix, Tyra just can’t seem to live this moment down.

Remix: Fergheim 1 (rough) feat. Fergith

Pop Culture Moment: Fergie’s entire existence

Explanation: We’re not going to feed you some bullshit—King Princess has us pretty stumped on this one. But hey, Fergie is Queen and we aren’t going to question this fire mashup of her sound bites.

Remix: Kim’s Big Scat (part 1) feat. Kim Cattrall

Pop Culture Moment: the speculated feud between Sex and the City alums Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall

Explanation: Back in Feb. 2018, Us Weekly published a cover story claiming the two Sex and the City stars were at odds over the revival of the hit show. The publication plastered the words “BULLYING, LIES, BETRAYAL” and “DOOMED” across the cover, throwing fuel on the fire—more than us sensitive SATC fans needed at the time. In honor of the riff, King Princess pulled snippets of Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) talking about one of her lovers. Apparently, he plays the upright bass. Hot.

Remix: Yarby Dazel Deeble Doo 4

Pop Culture Moment: Katy Perry records her song in a fictional language

Explanation: Somehow, the video of Katy Perry recording “Last Friday Night” in Simlish didn’t go viral. The video is painfully awkward to watch, but props to Katy for keeping a straight face and doing an A+ job on the recording. Watching singers try to perform in a language they’re not fluent in is uncomfortable enough—Justin Bieber in “Despacito”— without adding in the fact that Simlish is a made-up language. Game makers from EA Games made up the vocabulary for the wildly popular and far-reaching The Sims franchise. King Princess sampled the “Yeah, we danced on tabletops” verse for the remix, hence, “Yarby Dazel Deeble Doo.” She also used a sound bite of Perry saying something about boys crying. Thank you for this, KP—King Princess and Katy Perry.

Remix: cock destroyer

Pop Culture Reference: Adult Actress Sophie Anderson

Explanation: Why not mash together a bunch of porn clips and turn it into a song? Honestly, we’re surprised somebody didn’t do this sooner. Leave it to King Princess—always making waves in the music industry. British porn stars Sophie Anderson and Rebecca More found instant fame after posting a video of themselves on Twitter saying, “Do you know what we are? Cock destroyers. Cock fucking destroyers.” The NSFW duo quickly became a meme and, well, here we are.

Remix: locked eyes (feat. Isabel)

Pop Culture Moment: N/A

Explanation: This track was the first weird little remix that King Princess uploaded to her SoundCloud. The warped cover art and audio snippets are of one of the pop singer’s best friends, Isabel Levin. This track was the start of something great, so it deserves a listen as much as any of the others.

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