Kiss & Fly: The First Augmented Reality Travel Book

Studio 96 Publishing announces the release of the first augmented reality travel book, in collaboration with Via Tolila

Studio 96 might just be augmenting the future of print. As ‘experiential publishers,’ they’ve created the first coffee table book with Augmented Reality integration called Kiss & Fly. Created in collaboration with Lauren and Annael Tolila, the photographer and videographer sisters known as Via Tolila, the book is inspired and dedicated to wanderlust. Kiss & Fly takes the reader on a journey through nine destinations around the globe. 

Readers journey through breathtaking views of France, Brazil, Iceland, Mexico, Italy, Jordan, Greece, India, and Israel. Studio 96 uses technology called Live Images, or printed images, that can be scanned with a smartphone or tablet using the S96 app which directs the reader to an online site that elevates the viewing experience. The Toililas documented videos and live images around the world which are printed on the book itself, making the images looking like they’re moving on the page.

In future releases from Studio 96, Live Images will be able to take the reader to not only videos, but also to Spotify playlists curated to work hand in hand with the photographs on the page, or to a live webpage with more content. The Live Images can also send you to purchase tickets for exclusive in-person or online experiences, to community groups, or to exclusive branded Instagram or Snapchat filters.

Photo courtesy of Studio 96.

Via Tolila were born and raised in Nice, France and now split their time between Tel Aviv and the Cote d’Azur. Being from the South of France, they are naturally drawn toward environments that are vibrant, picturesque, and uplifting. Their style of work tends to be feminine and rich in spirit, capturing classic and authentic architecture, interior design, natural landscapes, and romantic beauty.

Kiss & Fly is the debut book from Via Tolila and the title is a nod to their hometown of Nice, where the departure lounge is titled “Le Kiss & Fly.” You can shop the book at

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