Kith Brings the Rainbow to a Classic G-Shock Watch

Kith and G-Shock’s newest collaboration is a burst of color that updates a popular silhouette

Sometimes, you don’t fix what’s not broken. But you can always give it an upgrade, especially if it’s rainbow-colored. Which is what Kith did for their new collaboration with G-Shock, giving the classic 6900 silhouette a colorful new update.

Kith’s second time reworking a GM-6900 watch features a forged metal bezel with a unique color gradation, giving a rainbow tinge that’s reminiscent of liquefied metal. The Kith for G-Shock GM-6900 Rainbow doesn’t neglect the standard toughness of a G-Shock watch, though, being both shock and water resistant and toting a multitude of other features, such as an electro-luminescent backlight, three different measuring modes, battery life of two years, flash alert, multi-function  alarm, and a full auto-calendar to the year 2099, among others.

But it’s the rainbow gradation that encompasses the main appeal for the watch. The model went through over ten rounds of sampling to achieve its unique look, creating a three-dimensional effect that is enhanced by the use of different colors on the sides. It also comes in translucent straps that enhance the look of the piece itself, an aspect mirrored in its packaging.

This take on the classic 6900 silhouette, a popular offering since 1995, will be available on Kith’s shops and website starting March 22, 2021 and will be sold for $400 apiece.

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