Kith X Disney Collab Is A Mickey Lover’s Dream Come True

A dream is a wish that your heart makes…. & for KITH founder Ronnie Fieg, that lifelong wish has finally come true.

Kith x Disney’s collaboration is truly a love letter to both the iconic brands and a vision, long in the making, since the conception of Kith. Initially, it was first teased less than one week ago, on the Fieg’s Instagram, with a simple picture of a red tartan Mickey Mouse. Soon after, the collection has been slowly released through a series of posts showcasing the Mickey Timeline Converse, Mickey Through The Years Plush Set and even a special Nobu Downtown menu, featuring the famous cartoon character icon.

The collection showcases Mickey Mouse through 8 decades of variations, including Steamboat Willie (1920), Running Mickey (1930), and Fantasia Mickey (1940) and will feature 80+ styles of apparel, footwear, and accessories for adults & kids.

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Used Mickey’s ears as eyelets ????

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In a more personal post, Fieg actually hand wrote a letter to Mr. Walt Disney himself, the founder of the legendary namesake brand. In the letter, he states “ I still remember growing up in Queens, sitting on the carpet in my living room as my father popped in the VHS of Fantasia for the first time. These moments created the foundation on which my imagination grow.”

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In celebration of the upcoming release, Kith has also been giving out a Disney themed “The New York Kith” Newspaper, which gives an in-depth look at the collection and shares how the brand is celebrating this unique collaboration. A limited run of 100 of these newspapers was released on November 12, gifted for free for each customer.

The collection will be available on November 18 at all Kith shops & at 11 am EST on

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