On the Road With Kitten and Sizzy Rocket

On the Road With Kitten and Sizzy Rocket

Kitten's Chloe Chaidez shares her tour essentials, and premieres her tour title track, exclusively with V

Kitten's Chloe Chaidez shares her tour essentials, and premieres her tour title track, exclusively with V

It's been almost four months since synth-pop band Kitten released their latest EP Heaven or Somewhere In Between, and the group is hitting the road to showcase the album. From New York City to the edge of Texas and everywhere in between, Kitten will headline, with New York-based trill pop singer Sizzy Rocket and indie rock band Clean Spill as supporting acts. In preparation for the journey, lead singer Chloe Chaidez and Rocket have shared with us an exclusive look at their own road trip essentials before opening their tour in Atlanta. Chaidez has hit double digits with how many tours she's done, but the Steal the Night tour marks Sizzy's first time on the open road, making for a fun and interesting adventure for the duo to hunt down all their go-to items.

As a bonus, Kitten is giving V the exclusive premiere of their tour title track "Steal The Night," available for purchase here. Chaidez describes it as "being icy and cool, while at the same time carrying some sort of an emotional punch. Deciding to talk the lyrics rather than sing them just came out of that. Lyrically, ‘Steal The Night' is kind of an anti-anthem anthem. It's pissed off but there's also hope in there as well." She tops it off saying, "Some days I'm the dreamer and some days I'm the tyrant."

Watch "Steal the Night" below, but don't forget to keep scrolling for Kitten and Sizzy's tour essentials.

"Our tour necessities were surprisingly similar given this difference [in tours], but I mean what more do you really need than an US weekly and some dark chocolate for traveling on the open road?" says Chaidez.

Check out all their tour goodies below. The Steal the Night tour kicks off July 5. You can view all the dates here.

(Kind of) healthy snacks. We tried :')

A giant shirt to sleep in

Tour reads

For that unfortunate (or fortunate) sweet tooth

For the Glam

To protect that dewy skin

Tour activewear

For the after party

For the boys

For the inside scoop

Your favorite stuffed animal, to keep you warm and remind you of home

Your favorite pair of sunnies

A black crop top that will go with anything. Ladies, you know what I'm talking about.

For that late night dip at the hotel

We're ready!!

Because this guy is me.

To dish on everyone in the band and write poetry

"To keep up my practice :')" - Chloe

Tour thrifting

Matching dresses

Credits: Photos Courtesy of Chloe Chaidez


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