Klarna Launches An Innovative New Creator Platform Featuring Lady Gaga’s Haus Labs

Klarna’s latest venture prompts a new brand initiative, unveiling a revolutionary new creator platform, shoppable video, and Klarna search.

Oh, we know Klarna. Klarna, aka the infamous app that enables consumers to pay immediately, pay later, or pay over time, saving them time and money and allowing them always to be informed and in control of their finances. (Known to most as the ultimate source of I.O.U.’s). Today the global leader unveiled Klarna Spotlight, a new launch format revealing several product releases that further strengthen the company’s position as a true shopping utility for consumers and a growth partner for retailers. With these latest product innovations, the Klarna App further evolves beyond payments to become a starting point for every purchase for over 150 million global consumers, whether they already know what they want or are looking for inspiration, all while prioritizing environmental impact.

Klarna’s new intelligent search tool finds the best price for their product, so consumers can spend less time searching and more time-saving. On top of that, a new endless stream of thumb-stopping, shoppable video content in the Klarna App lets consumers watch and shop the latest trending items directly from the video. Combined with the new Creator Platform, a portal that seamlessly connects creators and retailers to scale and optimize campaigns.

Lady Gaga, Founder of Haus Labs, shared, “Our mission at Haus Labs is to deliver supercharged, clean artistry makeup powered by innovation. Haus Labs is excited to launch shoppable video content in the Klarna App, empowering our community of artists and creators to express themselves through high-performance makeup and their unique artistry while engaging with millions of fans around the world.”

Creator Platform

First off, shoppable videos would not exist without talented creators making the content. Creators are now at the heart of online shopping, helping consumers discover brands and products more authentically than ever before. But it can be challenging for creators to make a living and stand out in a crowded market and for retailers to source the right creators and measure engagement with their target audience. Klarna’s new Creator Platform provides a one-stop shop for retailers and creators to work together to automate everything from initial outreach to partnerships to tracking sales and commissions.

With this platform, creators can directly access the world’s leading retailers to recommend hundreds of thousands of products to their social media followers and millions of shoppers in the Klarna App. Retailers on the platform can connect with a pool of over 500,000 creators and track their performance in real-time, empowering them to optimize and scale their activities while maximizing sales & R.O.I.

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