Koché, the Rising Parisian Brand Meshing Couture and Sports

Koché, the Rising Parisian Brand Meshing Couture and Sports

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Koché, the Rising Parisian Brand Meshing Couture and Sports

We talk to the rising designers behind Koché about combining the worlds of high-fashion and sports, and their goals for the future.

We talk to the rising designers behind Koché about combining the worlds of high-fashion and sports, and their goals for the future.

Text: Danielle Combs

A new guard of designers is beginning to emerge throughout the Paris fashion scene, ushering in a wave of top-notch talents looking to leave their lasting imprint on the industry. Designer Christelle Kocher of Koché happens to be one of fashion’s brightest talents and is setting her sights on the American market.

For Kocher, her design aesthetic is a hybrid that melds her love for streetwear and training in couture, working with oversized parkas and shrunken tops that are bedecked in feathers and beads. On the runway for Fall 2018, Kocher once again partnered with Fabien Allègre of Paris Saint-Germain—Kocher’s neighborhood football team—to create patchwork-inspired jersey dresses that are anything but bland.

In an exclusive interview with V, Kocher and Allègre discuss their covetable collaboration, the reimagined jersey, and how unexpected pairings often produce the best results.

What is the meaning or aesthetic of Koché?

Christelle Kocher: Koché is about contrasts, contradictory collisions that create beauty. It stands at the crossover of high fashion, street culture and contemporary art. With some distinct & intense attitude that you can find in our shows, our photos, our films, the way we propose things. I want to define an aesthetic that leads to emotions, to some kind of of urban poetry. So a very casual, yet highly luxurious approach. It is a challenge to work with amazing historical craft houses and stay consistent with a fashion forward aesthetic. My pleasure comes from this challenge to try to make these two worlds speak together: artisanal ateliers and street inspiration.

How did the partnership between you and Fabien Allègre of Paris Saint-Germain begin? What was the idea or intention behind it?

Christelle Kocher: Koché's inspiration comes from the street and contemporary popular culture. Soccer in Europe is a huge part of pop culture today. PSG has a strong visual identity and I was very interested to mix our two aesthetics. So we met three weeks before the show and we realized that there were a lot of ‪common points of view. PSG has been convinced by my vision and we jumped into this adventure.

Fabien Allègre: We have a similar energy and are both direct and to the point. And on top of that, we share the same values of excellence, diversity, and passion. Our respective aesthetics make it so easy to work together on designing these street-inspired pieces.

How did you decide to combine sportswear with couture techniques? 

Fabien Allègre: Paris Saint-Germain is a brand that continues to expand beyond the soccer pitch and into the art, music, and culture spaces. Fashion and couture was a clear objective for our brand. We just had to find the right person and brand to collaborate with, and we found that in Koché.

How can a jersey be seen as a high-fashion item? And how did you incorporate more fashion into a sportswear heavy line?

Fabien Allègre: Soccer is a sport and sports are so fashionable right now. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and for about three years we have seen that it is heavily influencing fashion, lifestyle,  and popular culture in a way that it did not before. Paris Saint-Germain is a lifestyle brand. Our aim is to amplify that and to do so we must continue innovating and diversifying our brand.

Christelle Kocher: All of the jersey pieces — my friends want to wear it whether they like soccer or not. It's a relaxed and comfortable look that gives you a great sense of confidence.


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