Kourtney Kardashian Like You've Never Seen Her Before

Kourtney Kardashian Like You've Never Seen Her Before

Kourtney Kardashian Like You've Never Seen Her Before

Kourtney gives V an exclusive fashion-forward look at her new collaboration with Kylie Cosmetics.

Kourtney gives V an exclusive fashion-forward look at her new collaboration with Kylie Cosmetics.

Photography: Greg Swales

Styling: Dani Michelle

Text: Raf Tillis

It's no news to anyone that Kourtney Kardashian is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, but for now, she's keeping all eyes on the outside. In an exciting announcement earlier this week, Kourtney's collaboration with Kylie Cosmetics is finally here, and she's giving V an online-exclusive first look at her debut collection with her sister's mammoth makeup brand, delivering an electric, fashion-forward beauty shoot. The beauty mogul is thrilled that her sister-sister collaboration is finally out in the world, saying, "I'm so happy that Kourt is showcasing our collection in a unique way!"

Keeping up (and close) with her passions, beauty, and creativity, this collection delivers a different side to Kardashian's relationship with makeup and further diversifies the range of classic Kourtney looks. Read the exclusive interview and check out the daring photoshoot below.

Can you tell me how this collaboration with Kylie came about? Who approached whom?

Kylie approached me saying she wanted to do a collab with me. One night when we were at our mom’s house, she had mentioned she had some ideas about a possible collab. We were actually going to do to it last year, but then we decided to change direction. At the time, it was going to be just lips and we were going back and forth about the packaging, and for both of us in the moment, it didn’t feel fully right. So Kylie then was cool about pushing it to this year and we took the time to both think about what we wanted, and then came together with our ideas. We ended up creating something totally different from what we were talking about before. We decided to do three eyeshadow palettes and a lip to go with each palette. And then came the packaging, which is also completely different from what we originally imagined last year.

So it took about a year for the collaboration to officially come together?

Yes. It was us just really going back and forth about ideas and eventually changing direction. Kylie was the one who really wanted to do the three eyeshadow palettes, and I loved that idea because it gave us a chance to be more creative with the whole thing.

While we’re used to seeing you in more natural looks, this shoot is very different for you. Does this new feature speak to your makeup evolution at all?

My sisters and I are known for the way we use makeup and our different looks, so it makes total sense to all of us when our style begins to evolve to the next thing. What I tend to prefer in my everyday style feels more natural and understated, but I love when I have the opportunity to play with makeup and have fun with it. I think this shoot, using my collab with Kylie, was the perfect situation to try some new stuff. I’ve lately been in a mood to try more things with makeup and hair, and I personally have even more fun with it when I have a reason.

Would you say this collaboration is somewhat of a blueprint to achieve the ultimate ‘Kourtney’ look or is it more playful?

I think it’s both! There are a lot of neutrals in this collection, as well as a lot of shimmers. I could definitely do an everyday ‘Kourtney’ look with these palettes, but I think there are also some fun pops, like there’s a reddish color called “Mase” and a green shimmer color called “Matcha” that I could see myself and others doing a lot of different things with. Also all of the metallics are so great, and it’s more about how you choose to apply them. You could do a metallic look and then put a gloss over them or really you could apply them and keep them toned down and neutral. I really do think these palettes can do both!

Going back to the ultimate ‘Kourtney’ look. Are there more than one and do you have a favorite?

There’s definitely more than one [laughs].

What does your go-to look look like?

My go-to look for everyday life is a pretty yet neutral look with the right amount of shadows in the right areas. In the shoot though, we did a dark green eyeshadow look that I loved, which I think is a very strong Kourtney look that I’d never done before. I think using color is something I did a lot in high school. My sisters and I used to do bright colors on our eyelids with eyeshadow. So I think having the red and green colors included in the collection as well as this yellow gold metallic is calling back to makeup that I’ve doing since forever and comes out when I’m in the mood to play with makeup.

What was that process like of selecting the colors, shades, & tones you wanted to use in this collection? Why a red and green opposed to other colors?

Kylie and I sat and went over our thoughts, and Kylie’s very opinionated when it comes to her makeup line and her vision of what she sees for me. When we began the collaboration, I got to share my ideas of what I would love to wear, so we both combined our thoughts. With the red color, I was very inspired by geishas because we had just been in Japan and all of the geishas we had met had red eyeshadow. And with everything else, there is a big range of different options. It was definitely a true collaboration between the two of us from the start of creating this collection. Kylie would say her vision for this collection and then I would chime in with my ideas, and then after we came up with the products, it was easy to tweak here and there without any tension. In the end, we would both agree on everything.

What is next for you in beauty? Is the beauty industry a place where you’d like to continue to create projects?

I really do love beauty and it’s such a part of my life, especially because we get glam everyday for filming. So yeah, I would love to continue to do more and work with my sisters like Kylie on stuff like this. It’s a fun playground. I also love all different aspects of interiors, including interiors for children, and I would love to start working on developing something in that field.

I’ve seen multiple articles on the way you design your homes, and it's clear that your taste thrives on minimalism and simplicity, but with exciting details here and there. 

Thank you! I feel like using that creative energy I have towards interiors as an outlet for me would be amazing. Like why not buy a house and totally redo it and then sell it to get my creative energy out? I would love to also develop something to also share with people the way I build my home and have it available to be apart of other people’s homes.

What are your go-to beauty products right now?

I love Elizabeth Arden’s eight-hour cream. It works great when you put them on top of these shadows, making them glossier. I also use it as lip balm and under my eyes. I just love it! I just got Kim’s concealers that just came out. They’re amazing for the under-eye. I live for Oxygenetix foundation. The same person doesn’t do my foundation everyday so there are so many foundations being used on my skin, which can be very sensitive, and my dermatologist recommended this one so now everyone that does my makeup has it as part of their kit.

Who is going to be the first person you’re going to gift this collaboration to?

I would say all of my sisters who haven’t seen it yet or been involved, so Kim, Kendall, and Khloe because I can’t wait to hear their opinions. I think especially Kim because she loves beauty and has her own line, so I can’t wait to give it to her and hear what she thinks.



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