Kylie Jenner Confirms Second Pregnancy in a Sweet Video

This is Jenner’s second child with rapper Travis Scott.

After weeks of speculation, Kylie Jenner has officially confirmed that she and Travis Scott are expecting their second child together. She made the reveal in a sweet short video on Instagram – similar to what she did with her first child Stormi in 2018

The new video opens with a shot showing a confirmed pregnancy test and then cuts to reveal Kylie holding the test in front of a mirror while Scott lovingly hugs her. The couple then goes to the doctor’s office with Stormi and Kylie is told by the doctor during an ultrasound that she is “a couple of days away from a heartbeat.” 

Photo via Instagram/@kyliejenner.

Later, Stormi shares the news with grandmother Kris Jenner, who declares, “This is one of the happiest days of my life.” Throughout the video, we see shots of Kylie tenderly holding her baby bump and celebrating her 24th birthday, along with the sound of her baby’s heartbeat. 

Kylie also shows off her baby bump in a black floor-length Mirror Palais Grande Finale Gown, which features a mid-section cut-out that allows an adorable moment when Stormi hugs and kisses her mother’s belly. Fans were quick to point out that the video is soundtracked by the same melody the makeup mogul used on Stormi’s pregnancy reveal video, “To Our Daughter.”

Kylie has been very open about her desire to have “lots of kids” and, even though fans know by now that the star is a pro at hiding pregnancies, her followers have been speculating about a second child since at least June 2021, noticing she seemed to be covering her belly in some photos and did not take a tequila shot with her sisters while filming the Keeping Up With the Kardashians reunion. 

Photo via Instagram/@kyliejenner.

Other “clues” included an Instagram story that showed a tray of vegetarian avocado sushi with no raw fish, bikini photos that seemed to have been pulled from her archives, and even details like the different nail art on her birthday photos. 

Kylie and Scott broke up in October 2019 and rumors that the couple had rekindled their romance date back to October 2020, after she posted a steamy photoshoot of them on her Instagram. On Father’s Day this year, Kylie threw a massive party for Scott. “One day isn’t enough to honor the dad you are,” she captioned a photo that shows the two kissing while the rapper holds Stormi. “We are so blessed to have you.” 

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