Kylie Jenner's Got Jokes

Kylie Jenner's Got Jokes

Kylie Jenner — selfie queen, makeup maven, and lowkey hilarious?

Kylie Jenner — selfie queen, makeup maven, and lowkey hilarious?

Text: Thomas Chou

When one thinks of Kylie Jenner, what comes to mind first? She's the youngest sibling of the Kardashian/Jenner family, a budding makeup maven, and brand-new mom. But while Kylie might be best known for her scandalous selfies or plump lips, it's flown under-the-radar that Ms. Jenner is certifiably one of the funniest members of the Calabasas-clique. Despite the plethora of pouty, sultry snaps she prefers to post on social media — Kylie Jenner's got jokes. Read on to get a glimpse into some of the underrated clapbacks, sassy sayings, and funniest moments that Kylie has to offer.

  1. Kylie claps back at mom-shamers.

Just weeks after the birth of her daughter Stormi, Kylie hit the Coachella scene sporting one of the most luminescent pink wigs we've ever seen. Despite all the Twitter roasts and Instagram comments mom-shaming her for attending Coachella while having a newborn at home, Kylie took to Instagram to shut it all down. With a caption referencing one of the most iconic lines from the 2000s hit, "Mean Girls", Kylie proves that moms can have fun too.

2. Makeup mistakes.

In the wake of all the fervor surrounding Kylie's lips, meme accounts on Instagram began zooming in on a paparazzi photo of her when she was out. After intense sharpening and an unflattering crop, the Internet was left with a photo of Kylie's makeup looking cakey, with every line in her face and every clump of mascara magnified to the heavens. Instead of letting herself get beat down over an less-than-flawless edit, Kylie joined in on the fun by wearing an oversized t-shirt featuring none other than the viral image. Call her vain, but at least she knows a unflattering photo when she sees one.

3. Lasagna.

ICYMI: Kylie Jenner is a social media chef now. After a ramen noodle recipe involving garlic powder and butter that "broke the internet", Kylie took to Snapchat to document the process of baking lasagna. Thanks to this iconic Snapchat Story, it's safe to say that we're all basically Italian-trained chefs now. We can't wait to see what she cooks up next.

4. Meme queen.

With a certain amount of fame, comes a certain amount of memes. Instead of shirking away from this hilarious meme of her lips flying off her face, Kylie posted the meme on her Instagram preferring to laugh at it's savagery instead. With the caption, "fly away my friend", it's clear that she's joined in on the joke herself.

5. Kylie loves biology.

Kylie Jenner doesn't know what a chicken is. After a viral video of her mistaking a baby pig for a chicken, it's safe to say that the Internet won't ever let her go for that one. Kylie's ok with it too, especially since she's met so many different chickens now like the one pictured above.


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