La’Britney is Your Next R&B Kween

The Detroit native talks music, attitude, and activism.

La’Britney is the latest starlet stepping onto the hip-hop scene. Having just wrapped up her stint on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, the independent R&B artist recently dropped her newest EP, “Never Fold”. She’s ambitious, with her “When Beauty Meets Brain” movement, which is inspired by her time as a teen mom following her dreams. Getting her start in the industry as a dancer, La’Britney has danced for Ashanti and just finished a tour with Arin Ray. V caught up with her about getting her start in the music industry, her activism, and her cheeky 2019 goals.

Check out the full interview and video for her single Actin’ Funny ft. Kash Doll below.

We’ve seen Cardi B get her comeup after Love & Hip Hop; how has it opened doors for artists like you and Cardi to be able to break out of reality television and into the music industry?

Love & Hip Hop has given us the television platform to be able to show the world that we are new artists. It has opened the door for new producers, writers, labels to see us and to notice us. I had the opportunity to have 4 of my songs featured on the show last season and was able to perform a couple times. My following has grown like crazy!

Who is your dream collaborator?

I can’t wait to work with Pharrell.

You became a teen mom at 14 and now you’re using your growing platform to be an activist for teen and single mothers. How did you decide to start your movement ‘When Beauty Meets Brain’ and can you explain a little bit about where you see it going?

“When Beauty Meets Brain” is a platform women can look to for motivation, fashion, beauty….all the things women love! I love to acknowledge other women that I admire and give back to teenage moms like myself…even if it’s just advice.  Down the line I see “When Beauty Meets Brain” growing as large as the Oprah (Harpo) platform.

How have you encountered the music industry as a single mom and black female artist?

My children are always my number one priority. Because of them and my passion for music I always give it 110%. I stay true to myself, I don’t let my surroundings or people change me. That is the only way I can maintain my sanity.

Your LaMix videos are super DIY and creative, is this an approach and fun spirit that you still bring to the music you’re making now?

Definitely. I’m very involved in every aspect of my music production from making the beats to the vocal arrangements. I love to do things outside of the box when it comes to my visuals and my sound.

You’ve kickstarted your music career, danced for some big names in the industry, and been an activist. What are some goals you have for this year?

NO SEX FOR 2019!!! I want to buy property, put out an official album, go on tour, spend more time developing “When Beauty Meets Brain” and LaNation Entertainment.


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