Lacoste Serves Athletic Sophistication for Fall 2019

Creative Director Louise Trotter set out to prove the brand was far more than just polo shirts with her debut collection.

Lacoste’s Fall 2019 show at Paris Fashion Week redefined the brand’s MO. Featuring sporty-but-elegant sweaters and sparing (but creative!) use of the crocodile logo, it’s apparent that creative director Louise Trotter succeeded in her quest to deepen and diversify Lacoste, while retaining the classy vibes the label is known for.

A nude color scheme was mainly employed, but pops of color pervaded the collection, appearing in vibrant, striped collars and striking, loose-fitting knitwear. Further contributing to the athletic tone, ball caps were also donned by many of the models, juxtaposing casual attire with more formal flourishes. Trench coats balanced out the trendiness of some looks by adding an element of timelessness. The show introduced avant-garde, stylishly amorphous silhouettes to a typically conventional brand, yet the collection also felt accessible and comfortable; these clothes were obviously made with an active lifestyle in mind, as one would expect. But, in contrast to Lacoste’s reputation, they are not limited to an athletic domain; many fits would transition seamlessly from a tennis match to a dinner party.

Trotter’s inventiveness particularly shined in the footwear of the collection. Hip, tan-and-white trainers made an appearance (complete with a vulcanized rubber dip), but more inventive shoe styles really displayed the spirit of Lacoste’s new look; a tennis-shoe-brogue-combination and shoes with a zip pull at the front (that flaunted the iconic Lacoste crocodile) mixed whimsy and tradition.

Overall, the collection was refreshing, a brilliantly-executed revamp that also paid tribute to the brand’s history and ethos. Trotter made a remarkable debut; her distinct perspective guided the nuanced mood of the show. It would seem that Lacoste is moving on from 80s polos.

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