Lacoste Spring/Summer 2022: Sportswear for the Modern Day

The French heritage house toys with athletic silhouettes fit for a post-pandemic consumer

Like so many during the early days of the pandemic, Lacoste creative director Louise Trotter escaped the banalities of indoor lockdown through an exploration of mother nature, journeying through the sprawling streets of Paris by bicycle. That sense of athleticism and exploration was duly reflected in Lactose’s Spring/Summer collection thanks to the energetic flounce of Trotter’s pleated tennis skirts, slinky knitwear, and neoprene sets.

Trotter transformed the Palais de Tokyo into a parade of chic, eager archetypes looking to reestablish themselves — and their wardrobe — in an often confusing post-pandemic world.

Looking to her bike rides, and the fashionable onlookers she would spot, Trotter incorporated a distinct melange of utilitarian design notions: crossbody satchels with adjustable straps, oversized pockets, and layered garments that can transition to and from various activities and settings.

Though the collection’s sportswear influence is undeniable, Trotter incorporated pieces fit for varying occasions — and wardrobes — throughout. A burgundy double breasted blazer layered over a neon yellow zip up is undeniably chic while a blue button down is made casual by way of ’80s-inspired drawstring shorts.

As with many creatives in the industry, Trotter’s line of reworked ready to wear is quietly gender neutral — a reality that has only become increasingly popular in recent years. The house’s deep green low-rise trousers, elongated shorts, and versatile outerwear will look flattering on just about everyone.

Lacoste’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection invoked wider commentary on the state of dressing: consumers are longing for season-less, comfortable pieces that are crafted with exploration in mind.

Trotter’s Lacoste consumer is equals parts easygoing and energized, thanks to a wider contextualizing of the house’s storied house codes for the modern eye. Not only spanning an array of athletic pastimes, the collection is fit for varying climates — whether one is biking in the Parisian Summer heat or journeying through London on a brisk afternoon, Lacoste has a look ready to stand up to the elements.

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