Lady Dior: A Multi-Faceted Classic


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The sculptures of L.A. artist Gisela Colon look like a droplet of water resting on a leaf, an ethereal gemstone, a self-contained bubble. Instead of a gallery wall, her work now finds new form in Dior’s Lady Dior bag as one of ten stunning artist collaborations for the house’s newest accessories line. With these unexpected link-ups, creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri literalizes fashion-as-art, with the boxy Lady Dior style roaring into expressive new life in untraditional fabrics and fresh textures, from craftsy wooden thread to iridescent glass beadwork. Each artist brings their own inimitable talents to the Lady Dior bag, creating a collection that hybridizes the luxurious and the avant-garde. Legendary downtown New York City artist Judy Chicago, a longtime friend and collaborator of the brand, puts a mystic spin on the Lady Dior bag with a pearlescent spiral of pinks and blues. Meanwhile, artists like British-Indian Bharti Kher and South Africa’s Chris Soal take a (relatively) traditional approach, adorning leather with paintwork in kaleidoscopic shades.

Each artist designed two to three bags in the mini, regular and/or large styles, using the differences in size as a blank canvas of opportunity. The art ranges from three-dimensional abstractionism to gallery wall-worthy impressionism, creating a collection that feels like a walk through the Louvre. Fashion has always been in conversation with art—drawing inspiration from a revolutionary artist here or a compelling work there—but rarely does it do so with this level of fluid symbiosis. As fashion and art continue their decades-long pas de deux, this collection brings them closer than ever.

Lady Dior bag ($4,900-$13,000, all styles available at Dior boutiques.)

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