Lady Gaga Dognapping: What We Know & Updates on the Star

Gaga is heartbroken as her dogs are stolen and dog walker is shot in a violent West Hollywood robbery.

Twitter lit up Wednesday evening when the devastating news broke that Lady Gaga’s dogs had been stolen. Gaga’s Little Monsters are beside themselves and sharing theories of the brutal dognapping while praying for the pets’ safety.

Gaga’s dogs were in the care of her dog walker, Ryan Fischer, when the crime happened. Around 10 PM on Wednesday evening, Fischer and the three French bulldogs, Koji, Gustavo and Miss Asia, in West Hollywood when a white sedan pulled up alongside them and two suspects exited the vehicle and snatched the beloved pets. Asia, the third Frenchie of the Grammy-award winning singer, was able to escape and later return to the scene once the kidnappers fled. She was found safely in Fischer’s arms upon police arrival.

Fischer was beaten to the ground and shot in the chest. A neighbors’ security camera captured the crime and its aftermath as Fischer lay on the ground screaming, “Help! I’ve been shot!” First responders rushed the wounded dog walker to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in critical condition. As of Thursday evening, he is now listed in stable condition.

Gaga is now offering a hefty $500,000 award, no questions asked, for the safe return of Koji and Gustavo. Authorities criticized this decision because they say it may create a market for criminals to target and snatch celebrity pets for monetary reward.

Lady Gaga introduces puppy, Gustavo, to Koji and Asia in 2016.

While the motive of this case remains unclear, it is strikingly similar to a violent trend of French Bulldog robberies in the United States. The breed runs a costly price tag of $2,000-$10,000 per pup, leaving fans suspecting the motive to be resale.

The singer-songwriter is reported to currently be holed up in a 5-star hotel in Rome where she is filming the upcoming film, Gucci

Anyone with information on the dogs can email [email protected].


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