Lana Del Rey Is Releasing a Spoken Word Album Next Month

The melancholic vocalist shares her “priceless” thoughts.

Forging a new frontier for music since she entered the scene in 2011, 34-year-old Lana Del Rey knows no limits when it comes to the power of her vocal expression. Today, only a few months after the release of her highly-acclaimed studio album Norman Fucking Rockwell!, the heart-toiling singer-songwriter has announced her latest mode of creative exposition: a spoken word album of “freestyle poetry”. 

Del Rey took to Instagram to share the news of her professionally produced, “gritty” and “not so polished” articulations, set to release on January 4, in a candid video taken on the road. “I had a thought for a while about how I wanted the album to be around a dollar,” the “Summertime Sadness” singer explained. “I just love the idea that thoughts are meant to be shared and that they were priceless in some way.” Noting the raw authenticity present in her work, the superstar singer then continued to announce that half of the album’s proceeds will directly benefit Native American organizations around the country. “I just really wanted to sort of pay homage to the country that I love so much by doing my own reparation, I guess I would say, my own reparative act,” she explained. “So I know it’s a bit of an unusual choice, and I have no reasoning for it other than it just feels right to me.”

Coinciding with the imminent launch of Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass, a published set of the starlet’s personal poetry collection, Del Rey is embarking on an entirely new journey of rhythmic artistry. Delving further into the mind of the expressive singer, this upcoming tracklist is sure to be a provocative exploration of Del Rey’s emotional psyche.

Below, watch Lana Del Rey’s announcement of the innovative album’s upcoming release.

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