Lana Del Rey Releases New Double Feature Music Video

The “Blue Jeans” singer approaches her evolved sound with a winking self-awareness of her past.

In anticipation of her newest album, Norman Fucking Rockwell, Lana Del Rey has released a two-part music video for her songs “Fuck It, I Love You” and “The Greatest.” The video includes homages to Del Rey’s own musical idols—including Leonard Cohen and David Bowie—as well as self-aware smirks to her own often-caricatured vintage image. Most of the video takes place in familiar Lana locales, including a Venice dive bar and California beachside. In “Fuck It, I Love You,” Del Rey appears in a mini-TV alongside a cartoonishly muscular male counterpart, both of them performing a garish, winking level of good ol’ days Americana. At the end of the video, the camera pans out to reveal the false wave backdrop and the security guard off-scene, a rupture in the illusion. 

Del Rey has been around long enough to begin to parody herself, if only slightly. She’s managed to evolve in sound and image while still remaining deftly on-brand. Even as she sports neon eyeliner and distinctly modern dress, few can ignore the fact that her audience is mostly older men. Unlike the “daddies,” of her earlier days, however, these men look like weathered, working-class men, less sex symbols than Springsteen-esque figures. Much of the footage also occurs in a Long Beach industrial center, with Del Rey swaying from freight rails and bridges, surrounded by machinery. 

The working-man twist is a departure from the glamor of her earlier days. With politicians touting “Make America Great Again” at reactionary rallies, even Lana Del Rey’s brand of American identity must set itself apart from more politicized nostalgia. By aligning herself with artists like Cohen, Bowie, Dusty Springfield, and Otis Redding, Del Rey makes the kind of America she’s harking back to even clearer.

Even more interestingly, Del Rey includes some contemporary artists in her highlight reel. Both Bon Iver and The National appear on her jukebox docket, which should qualify as the highest praise you can get from a fellow artist. Norman Fucking Rockwell drops August 30, and the existing promo indicates that Del Rey will opt for a more rock n’ roll sound than ever before. Whatever we can expect, it will absorb into something classically her. 

Watch the full video below:

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