Lanvin Debuts A Fall/Winter ’21 Collection Fit For “All The Riches in the World”

The French maison unveiled the ready-to-wear collection in a decadent, sparkling video set to Gwen Stefani’s hit “Rich Girl.”

Lavishly rich and wickedly effeminate, Lanvin’s Fall/Winter 2021 ready-to-wear collection is glam soaked in luxury and sprinkled with contemporary decadence. 


Glitz, glam and elegance come to play in the digital launch of the collection, a bubbly and bright music video set to Gwen Stefani’s “Rich Girl” and featuring a cameo from music icon Eve. Lanvin creates a colorful collection that is buoyant, bright, vibrant, drawing frivolity from the optimism of the past and tailoring it for a future of elevated, everyday formalwear.

The couture of the oldest Parisian maison is rooted in flowing figures and joyful expression, a celebration of the present, playful and luxurious. It is a collection of sophistication which does not take itself too seriously: gowns are bright blue and baby pink, covered in feathers; coats are speckled with leopard print and un-obnoxiously, terrifically campy; and even the simple black sheen of a dress is puffed up and puffed out, a structured, dream-like silhouette fit for a duchess. 


Like the video itself, the collection is alive and expressive, models driving toy cars around in circles, playing on the whimsy of life and trashing hotel rooms in a fit of refined happiness. Color is key to the garments—pinks and blues make up the vast majority of the elegant palette, mimicking flowery royalty. 

Fabrics draw their inspiration from dressed up wealth, recalibrated to be evening for everyday. Sensuous satin, taffeta, silk charmeuse, silk crepe and faux fur flow on dresses and coats, tailored and draped to perfection to give way to a gentle flow, unrestrained and unrestricted in the grand celebration of life, ceremony imbued into every movement. 


The ease of everyday fun, the unrestricted and unburdened life of saturated luxury is predominant in the standout looks of the collection. A shaggy, textured pale blue fur coat gives new levels of carefree elevation and sweet sophistication to a printed A-line dress; a hot pink suit adorned with a thick black belt and a ruffled blouse are the flashy, loud contrasts to a rebellious black dress with thick silver chains draping its structure; a silky fuschia mini dress with a deep V-neck and ruffled collar evoke the 1920s, the era of Lanvin, persevering and restructuring for the new gilded age. 

Opulent, bubbly and more than fit for a girl with “all the money in the world,” Lanvin makes the world its personal playground, a merry uniform of joyous spectacle bursting from the ready-to-wear collection. View the full range and shop Lanvin here.

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