LAPOINTE Tattooed JONBOY on Their Chest with New Collaboration

LAPOINTE unveils new clothing collab with tattoo artist JONBOY

LAPOINTE has just released a new collection with celebrity tattoo artist JONBOY.

This clothing collection marks the first time LAPOINTE has ever collaborated with another brand or artist. But, it didn’t just come out of nowhere.

In fact, Sally LaPointe, the creative mind behind LAPOINTE, has been friends with Jonathan “JONBOY” Valena for a while. So, it made sense for the two of them to work together on this project.

JONBOY giving Sally LaPointe a tattoo


LaPointe even said, “When conceptualizing my first collaboration I wanted it to feel natural so working with a friend felt like the right way to start. I have many of Jon’s tattoos and our SS17 show was the first fashion show he ever attended; it was the most natural of pairings.”

LaPointe added: “Jon and I share a love for New York which inspired the capsule. Each piece holds a special place in my heart.”

The collection is a celebration of the relationships LaPointe and JONBOY have with New York and the impacts it has made on their artistry and careers.

JONBOY moved to New York after getting his tattoo career started in the mid-west. While there, he was among the people that made the “tiny tattoo” into a major fashion and tattoo trend. Since then, he has tattooed Justin and Hailey Bieber, Travis Scott, Post Malone, and many more with his minimalistic small tattoos.

You will find graphics and words inspired by his designs across the LAPOINTE x JONBOY collaboration.

The fine line tattoos of JONBOY and the minimalist monochrome designs from LAPOINTE make a perfect pairing and seem just as natural together as the friendship between the two.

Even JONBOY agrees, having said:

“Doing a capsule collection with Sally Lapointe just made sense to me. The very first NYFW show I ever got to attend was LAPOINTE’s SS17 runway show! I became a fan of her work not knowing that one day she would ask me to create a tattoo for her. Since then, we’ve become close friends. I wanted to create designs that reflect my passion and tell the story of my relationship with New York City: A city that continues to surprise me with what’s around the corner and a city that constantly challenges me.”

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