LaQuan Smith Reimagines Glam for Fall 2023 RTW

LaQuan Smith elevates the brand’s sexy and edgy style with added sophisticated splendor.

LaQuan Smith and his past seasons always leave viewers learning more about his style with fierce energy from start to finish. The LaQuan Smith look is complete sexiness with edge and power. The looks are shameless and unapologetic with a hue of provocativeness. Smith is very much about the glam in every way as glamour takes on a new meaning in each collection. 

Recurring elements that are commonly seen in his collections are exposed skin cutouts, sheerness, and low cuts. In this collection, we see all the same elements with refined evening wear and cropped suiting. “This season the collection is inspired by evening suiting and retro elegance; sexy sophisticated grandeur with a touch of nostalgia. For Fall/Winter, the LaQuan Smith woman redefines glamour with a provocative approach” says Smith in a press release.

Image Courtesy of LaQuan Smith

Of course, as we can always expect, the collection carries all the sheerness. Sheer pieces are always a key component in LaQuan Smith collections in various designs resulting in endless options. Two sheer looks include the usual low cut but this time around with a satisfying lapel-like scoop. Sheer striped bodysuits, a jumper, and a black tight-fitted dress are seen in a collection with a more subdued palette than previously, but still, hold an eye-catching effect. Smith’s sheer pieces leave little to the mystery but still accomplish results with allure. The collection also included some menswear as sheerness is not only left as a sexy design element for women but also for men as one wears a black buttoned top (only two buttoned here) with a scarf attachment. 

Image Courtesy of Laquan Smith

Suiting is also incorporated in the collection with very fit tailoring. The trousers are either low-rise or have silk waistbands, each pair looks relaxed yet not balloony as the trousers lay right in the middle in width. Suiting can be serious and judged critically but the designer made it more playful and used it as an addition to pieces instead of being the focus. In the more playful sense, one look is a backward-suited dress where the lapel collar covers the neck and changes the way we dress up suits. Fashion always gives the world ideas on making a classic, fresh again.

Image Courtesy of Laquan Smith

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