LA’s Emerging Indie-Pop Duo: Cap’n Marble

VMAN chats with indie pop band Cap’n Marble, who was the CreatiVity 06 pick of the week.

Last week we introduced the LA-based duo Cap’n Marble as part of our CreatiVity program in partnership with Quadio—a new social streaming platform dedicated to showcasing the best new college music.

Now hear from the rising indie-pop musicians for yourself, as they tell VMAN about an interesting spirit conjured from a Ouija board, wanting to work with Ringo Starr, their goals for the rest of the year, and more.

VMAN What are your names, ages and where do each of you go to school? 

John Dasilva (28) and Ryan Arshonsky (20) and we both go to Berklee College of Music in Boston.

V What roles or instruments do each of you play?

JD and RA It is a 50/50 partnership down the line, from songwriting to vocals to production duties.

V Where are you all from originally and how did the band get started?

JD and RA We’re both from the Greater LA area but met and started the project at Berklee in Boston.

V Cap’n Marble—could you share with us how you chose the name?

JD and RA We contacted the alleged spirit of Walt Disney with a ouija board, a marble ouija board.

V With COVID-19 impacting your schooling and your lives, how do you feel heading into the summer months? Are you making any adjustments?

JD and RA It’s been the perfect excuse to do what we naturally do; ignoring the world and making music in our rooms all day. However, it’s nice to be able to do that without that guilt that usually accompanies it.

V How did you hear about Quadio? Why did you choose to showcase your music there?

JD and RA We heard about it through a friend and were willing to try anything to get our music out there. Our concept EP “Come 2 California” has been performing somewhat underwhelmingly on the traditional streaming services. I guess we were just looking for somewhere different that might be better suited for less conventional artists.

V You have songs covering soul, rock, indie, and pop. Can you tell us a little about your genre and what inspires your sound?

JD and RA We both grew up on the music of the late ’60s and early ’70s and that was a time when artists really had the freedom to cross genre lines. I think we’ve always wanted to emulate that.

V If Cap’n Marble could work with anyone musically (past or present) who would that be?

JD and RA Ringo. Who else?

V Can you tell us about your single, “Evermore”? Who is it for and how do you hope fans feel when listening?

JD and RA “Evermore” is told from the slightly disturbed perspective of a lonely romantic who is so busy creating fictional worlds that the real one passes them by. It’s sad and it’s sweet.

V You have new music releasing on May 22! What can fans expect and what is the vibe?

JD and RA It’s as if Tom Jobim smoked a funny cigarette, ordered a synthesizer off sweetwater and then returned it 29 days later before the warranty expired.

V Do you believe music is important especially during a time where the world is in crisis?

JD and RA Yes, music can be a great tool to both escape from reality, and provide the means to understand it better.

V Where do you see yourselves and your music career 5 years from now?

JD and RA Probably working for the Air Force.

V What are some of Cap’n Marble’s collective goals this year?

JD and RA We have a lot of new music that we’re excited to share. A few more singles and then our first full-length album, which has been in the works for almost a year.

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