Last-Minute Holiday Shopping for the Midtown Workaholic

Take a lunch break and get your glow up at Nordstrom Beauty Haven on 57th St.

Everything seems to move at a snail’s pace, yet everything is due right up to the last minute before the holiday really begins. But if you can spare 45 minutes for your lunch break in Midtown—(my thoughts and prayers), the time to prep your glow up to see your loved ones is now. “How’s the new job?” “It’s fabulous. I love my new boss.” “How’s the new boyfriend?” “I’m sure he’s fine. I blocked him on Instagram.” 

Take a deep breath, and lift your mouth into a smile with Face Gym. Relax your burrowed brows, my angels. If that means getting a little botox from Kate Sommerville, I support you. But don’t forget a gel-manicure from Base Coat for that Insta-boomerang champagne clink for New Years. Book a blow out at Drybar, and fill in your lashes with blink brow. The second-floor beauty haven at Nordstrom Beauty has all the services for a lunch break quickie. Ranging from twenty minutes to an hour, the Light Salon offers treatments that brighten, calm and relax for that glow up.

If you’re traveling for the holidays, the first floor has all the grab and go’s for your makeup bag. Plenty of deluxe sample size products that’ll get you through TSA from brands like Sisley, La Mer, and Clé de Peau. Not a bad way to try that new serum everyone’s been talking about. The first floor is a beauty wonderland of sorts. It’s a civilized playground with high brow brands made for us. With a selection of around 400 lip colors on the floor, there’s a digital lipstick finder that can help you find your shade with augmented reality. Pick a lip color and check out how it looks on your own face. Of course, it’s not the same as coming into the store with a specific idea. But if you have 2 minutes to entertain something new, the lip finder helps with the process of elimination. 

Would you have an extra 20 minutes if your order lunch through seamless? Stay downstairs and talk to a Beauty Expert. They’re knowledgeable across all brands and can make suggestions across skincare, color, and fragrance. If you’ve been struggling with drawing a winged liner, want to try a daring eyeshadow but don’t want to look too… editorial, just ask an expert.

Once you get to the party, have some decent conversation in your back pocket. Don’t complain about your job and family. Keep your judgments to yourself. Engage and ask questions about others and listen. Don’t just talk about yourself to break up the silence. Let’s walk away from this year with gratitude and into all the beautiful possibilities for the new year.

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