Lay Zhang x Converse Artfully Utilizes This One Trend

Who doesn’t love a good re-contextualization of a classic accessory?

Chinese singer, dancer, and vocalist for boy band, EXO, Lay Zhang is continuing on in his collaboration with beloved shoe brand Converse, which kicked off in 2019. The multi-hyphenate has partnered with the brand again on a special version of the Chuck 70.

Though no set release date has been announced, we get to enjoy a sneak peak of these intricately decorated shoes from these ├╝ber cool collab photos.

Decorated with harmonious blue and white florals, the soles, the tongue, and the rear strip of the shoe bring a gentle and lovely feel to these signature sneakers. While the main facets of the shoe remain an icy white, pops of print elevate these kicks.

A key feature we can’t miss is the blue and white bandana wrapped around the top of the shoe. Emblazoned with Lay’s very own logo, in the same print we see in hints over the shoe, this silky accessory is multifunctional. Not only meant to enhance the shoe, the bandana can also be removed and worn in your hair, tied to other garments, or really anywhere on your body, enhancing your look as a whole.

The bandana reflects Lay’s own time in EXO, since he often utilized this accessory in his style as a member of the group. Lay wants all of us to feel as stylish, while these delicate details are a personal tribute to his past work.

At the end of the day, don’t we all just want to match our bandana to our shoes?

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