Lay Zhang’s Most Stalk-Worthy Instagram Moments

The M-Pop star knows how to post.

You’re about to remember Lay Zhang. Our latest VMan digital cover star is the rising face of Mandarin Pop, and has been acting in TV shows and films from a young age. The Chinese artist is about to make international waves, and his album ‘Honey’ is charting in U.S. territory. You may know Zhang’s face and you may know his music, but did you know he also has a top-notch Instagram? We’ve compiled the best shots from @zyxzjs so you don’t have to do all the stalking yourself.

Tubbing in Thailand

The bleached hair. The purple lighting. A precarious infinity pool overlooking brutalist architecture. This Instagram has everything we didn’t know we needed. Our only question is, how do we dive in?

Sweet Spot

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Would you be my #honey ?

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Is it just him, or are we all getting a little sweaty? This promo photo for Zhang’s album ‘Honey’ has us interested in a lot more than just music. We never would have thought to cast a honeycomb shadow against Zhang’s chiseled torso, but it makes this photo all the more sweeter.

Under the Sea

Aside from showing off his time in the gym, Zhang is a prominent advocate for nature conservation. His posts surrounding the Amazon fires and marine wildlife draw attention to important environmental issues, as well as the beauty of nature.

Fresh Looks

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Happy Chinese New Year! 新年快乐!

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The Chinese New Year, like other New Year celebrations, is an important symbol of new beginnings. Lay Zhang wears jade green and white, green being a symbol of health and prosperity, and white, which counterintuitively in the Chinese color of mourning. Out with the old, in with the new, we always say!

Wrapped Up

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Take a moment to love life! #beautifulplaces

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Where can we get an iridescent cape like that? Lay Zhang tells us to take a moment and appreciate beautiful places, but we’d argue any place he’s in is a beautiful one.

Eyeliner Doesn’t Lie

What if our dream is to get a smokey eye half as good as Lay’s New Year look? Lay, please let us know if you’re ever doing tutorials. Or if you just want to hang out.

A Rose By Any Other Name

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Love this photo❤️ #australia

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I want someone to look at me the way Lay Zhang looks at this rose. No one’s hair looks this perfect on a windswept beach, but if this Instagram has showed us anything, it’s that miracles are possible.


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