Leg Warmers are Back, and They’re More Chic Than Ever

Shop this Winter’s totally tubular trend

Spotted on the likes of Bella Hadid and Doja Cat, it’s safe to say that leg warmers are the latest it-girl-approved accessory. While we’ve seen the rise and imminent fall of many other decade defining fashion trends- think flannel shirts from the 90s and micro minis from the 2000s- 2023 is seeing a full fledged 80s renaissance.

Late last year, Bella Hadid stepped out in NYC wearing a casual denim dress, ballet flats, and you guessed it- leg warmers. Braving the chilly east coast weather with a jacket in-hand, Bella proves that leg warmers are a great way to stay both stylish and warm. With their roots extending back to dance wear in the early 80s, leg warmers originated as accessories to keep dancers warm in chilly studios. Eventually going mainstream, the trend saw immense popularity among the women of the 80s, who often opted for flamboyant colors that were typical of the decade (hello neon). Fast forward to 2023, and it’s no surprise that we’ve seen a more subdued resurrection of this practical trend during the age of ballet core. Often paired with slinky skirts, tight bodices, and everyone’s favorite Ugg minis, leg warmers are quickly regaining wardrobe staple status. 

Gotham via Getty Images

If one of your 2023 resolutions is to twin with timeless style icons like Madonna and Lady Di, then you’ve come to the right place. Just in time to combat that pesky mid-winter chill, shop these totally tubular leg warmers. 

Miu Miu, Ribbed Leg Warmers ($725)

Staying true to fashion’s latest love of all things ballet core, these rose pink leg warmers add the perfect feminine touch to any wardrobe.

Courtesy of Miu Miu

Cashmere in Love, Lottie Ribbed Leg Warmer ($160)

The warmest leg warmers you’ll ever find? Right over here! These puppies are 70% wool and 30% cashmere, making them every cozy gal’s dream.

Courtesy of Cashmere in Love

Santa Brands, Knee Socks ($325)

Remember that iconic dress that Rihanna wore to the 2014 CFDA Awards? You know, the one Swarovski crystal-bedazzled number that left fashion-lovers gasping for air? Well if you had to put that look into a single accessory, it’d be these.

Courtesy of Santa Brands

Sami Miro, Denim Leg Warmers, $58

Your jeans will be history after one look at these leg warmers. This 80s-style accessory with a 90s flare is a winner in every decade.

Courtesy of Sami Miro

Hyein Seo, Double Layer Leg Warmer Socks ($133)

Go back to the future with this modern take on the leg warmer. This versatile accessory is meant to be worn over the shoe and layered on top of another pair of your fav leg warmer. 

Courtesy of Hyein Seo

Moncler Grenbole, Blue Leg Warmer Socks ($260)

For a pop of color, check out these logo’d blue leg warmers.

Courtesy of Moncler

Free People, Deja Vu Spacedye Leg Wamers ($38)

Keep your ankles toasty with these fuzzy warmers. They’ll compliment almost every winter outfit.

Courtesy of Free People

Poster Girl, Leg Warmers ($526)

If you love oversized fashion, then I have just the accessory for you. These balloon- style leg warmers are sure to turn heads.

Courtesy of Poster Girl

Yohji Yamamoto, graphic-print leg warmer ($133)

Even in 2023, fun leg warmers are an acceptable and celebrated accessory.

Courtesy of Yohji Yamamoto

LUNYA, Wool Knit Leg Warmers ($101.50)

Make all your vanilla girl dreams come true with this cream pair of leg warmers. Pair them with your favorite kicks and you’re good to go.

Courtesy of LUNYA




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