Lenny Kravitz Talks New YSL “Y Intense” Fragrance & The Intensity of Life

The famed rock ‘n roller dishes how intensity and scents helped shape his life

Who really is the YSL “Y” man? He’s powerful, sensual, creative, and entirely unafraid, much like the face of the fragrance himself, Lenny Kravitz. Back for another iteration of the beloved house scent Y, the iconic rock ‘n roller is helping debut the new “intense” formulation of the fragrance. Redefining the signature Y scent, the Y Eau de Parfum Intense turns the volume up to new levels with an amplified blend of spices added to the already classic notes. With a burst of juniper berries blended with vibrant lavender from France, the addition of these dreamy worthy notes helps compliment the rich woody details of patchouli from Bali that culminates into an intoxicating aroma that lasts all day longfrom a rendezvous in the daytime to a rock concert by midnight.

Courtesy of YSL Beauty

To learn more about the scent, VMAN’s Digital & Beauty Editor Kevin Ponce caught up with Kravitz about intensity and his first memories of scent.

VMAN: As the face for YSL’s “Y” eau de parfum, eau de toilette, le parfum, and now for the intense version–how does it feel coming back around for a third campaign as the house’s longstanding ambassador for this scent?

Lenny Kravitz: I’m honored to continue to my relationship with YSL Beauty on their line of Y fragrances. YSL Beauty’s Y is a testament to the brand’s understanding of what I stand for.

VM: A new iteration for the fragrance, what is it about the “Y” fragrance’s strength in relevance, longevity, and overall power in remaining a modern classic, that you connect with personally?

LK: I am a longtime admirer of Yves Saint Laurent and his general aesthetic. Part of my affinity for partnering with YSL Beauty is their dedication for taking classics and reimagining them to create a fresh take that speaks to new audiences.

Lenny Kravitz | Courtesy of YSL Beauty

VM: Intensity is the main focus for the new fragrance–when life goes in full throttles of intensity, are you ever one to shy away from the qualities of it or do you prefer for things to be a bit more heightened, in general?

LK: Yes, my life has been all about intensity. For me, strong creativity requires intense and focused discipline.

VM: Y Eau De Parfum Intense includes notes of juniper berry, diva lavender, patchouli, and cedarwood–when it comes to scents, what are some notes and blends that you seek out for? Do you think scent helps add a sense of intensity when pairing fragrances with your looks for the evening?

LK: First of all, fragrance is an extension of my surroundings and how I am feeling so I gravitate toward natural scents and oils and Y has those qualities.

Lenny Kravitz | Courtesy of YSL Beauty

VM: Do you remember some of your personal early memories with scent? Do you remember the first ever fragrance you purchased and how it made you feel?

LK: My first memory of scent as a child was my mother’s perfume. It was always her last step after getting dressed and I knew it was time to go and we were going to have an adventure. The first fragrance I bought as a teenager was a bottle of patchouli oil and it just seem to enhance the vibes I was feeling inside.

VM: With this intense version of the classic scent, why do you think reinvention is so crucial when it comes to one’s tried and true DNA?

LK: Part of my passion for partnering with YSL Beauty is the value placed on bold self-expression and the unfaltering pursuit of being yourself. Reinvention is part of one’s evolution.

Lenny Kravitz | Courtesy of YSL Beauty

The Y Eau de Parfum Intense is now available on YSLBeautyUS.com

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