LES BENJAMINS Fall-Winter 2023 Gets Down to Earth

LES BENJAMINS presents a collection that is mixed with the notion of Earth’s past with nods to the future.

The Istanbul-based brand named the collection ‘First Wave’ by Creative Director Bunyamin Aydin. The models are in a desert setting to showcase what Earth would look like with its first community in a fashion sense with contrasting futuristic elements. The collection reimagines a world where there is a reminiscence of a world long ago as it is now an almost dystopian and sci-fi aesthetic. 

Image Courtesy of LES BENJAMINS

The collection has modern utilitarian elements with padding in leather and silk with details of patches and drawstrings. The clothing portrays a fashionable view into the sci-fi aesthetic while simultaneously can be worn as street or evening wear. LES BENJAMINS gives the idea of what fashion can look like in a dystopian era while having facets of balanced earth-tone components. The collection uses familiar inspirations of costume design in sci-fi movies to where it is realistic in day-to-day life; hooded capes relate to this idea culturally when thinking about fashion and design in the East.

Image Courtesy of LES BENJAMIN

The palette is cohesive with the concept including moody colors like the triple M’s of mauve, maroon, and mahogany plus black and gray along with earthy tones like nude, brown, and hunter green shades. A couple of the looks incorporate nature landscapes with print deserts and dynamic surfaces of mountains for a vivid picture to commemorate Earth’s beauty. There are pleasant pops of color with the lilac pantsuit look with hanging silver chains as an accessory for a soft and punk contrast. A second palette for a futuristic tone contains an acid-wash print and neon green lining in a denim jacket and pants set as it elevates and adds some energy visually. 

Image Courtesy of LES BENJAMIN

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