Les Fantome Palette: How One Streetwear Brand Harnesses Uncertainty as a Catalyst for Transformative Design

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Rising luxury streetwear brand Les Fantome Palette—broadly translated as “the ghost palette”—draws inspiration from moments of ambiguity, when emotions are amplified and feelings of doubt, anxiety or pain emerge. Established in May 2021 by Founder, Artist and

Designer Kwasi, LFP is a manifestation of the creator’s multifaceted life as a second-generation immigrant, former chemistry researcher, designer, and student with years of experience in studying physical and cognitive health.

LFP’s designs are often marked with distorted or fragmented imagery in an attempt to mask reality—such is the case for designs like “Idol,” which feature two prominent basketball figures who have dunked over the confines of normality through fame and talent, insomuch that they continue to be worshipped in a similar way to that of deities.

With items heavily influenced by industrial craftsmanship, youth culture and a dark mood aesthetic, LFP boasts a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality garments including 100% cotton graphic t-shirts, sweatshirts, military-style jackets, bottoms and hats. For Fall 2021, the fashion line is slated to release its eagerly anticipated capsule collection.

The September launch will showcase an assortment of interchangeable pieces such as new shirts, outerwear, sweaters, bottoms and accessories. To keep up with Les Fantome Palette’s latest releases, follow them on Instagram (@lesfantomepaletteus). Delve deeper into their current collections by visiting their website.


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