In a commitment to sustainability, Levi’s has introduced a new planted-based version of the classic 501 jeans as part of the 150th anniversary of the style. The Plant-Based 501® Jean is constructed from 97% plant-based materials including organic cotton, ink made from wood paste, and natural dye-stuff from indigo in collaboration with Stony Creek Colors. The brand is well aware of the impact the fashion, specifically the denim, industry has on the environment. To combat any further damage, Levi’s is taking the first step and leading the charge in changing harmful manufacturing practices.

Levi’s® Director of Design Innovation, Una Murphy, had this to say about the evolution in their production: “By incorporating sustainable innovation, in mainline and premium products alike, we learn what’s possible and how we can continue working towards solving some of our biggest environmental challenges.” 

Levi’s is not only encouraging sustainability with these new jeans, but the idea that through jeans we all share a life. The plant-based jeans are made from the fabric of older jeans and in wearing these made-to-be-recycled bottoms, stories and experiences are being passed down each time a purchase is made.

The Plant-Based 501® jeans are available for purchase in stores and online at

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