Levi’s x AMBUSH Collaboration Mixes Denim with Luxury Streetwear

Be sure to check out their new trucker jackets.

Denim staple Levi’s has teamed up with streetwear brand AMBUSH for their newest campaign. The collaboration features trucker jackets and jeans, each embellished with custom AMBUSH buttons and designs. The looks are sleek and clean, marking a successful team effort. 

Image courtesy of Levi’s® x AMBUSH®

The two brands seem like unlikely partners, with differing aesthetics and images. Levi’s often presents itself as a more comfortable, approachable brand. You likely know Levi’s brand from their back-to-school campaigns. AMBUSH, on the other hand, prides itself on exclusivity and the finer things of life. Sported by rappers and KPOP stars alike, AMBUSH garments are certainly a status symbol.

The differing brand images may make this campaign even more successful, though. The collaboration brings a certain level of elegance and cultural cache to Levi’s, while making AMBUSH more approachable to ordinary people. The brands meet in the middle, widening their audiences. 

Image courtesy of Levi’s® x AMBUSH®

Though the options may be limited, with the collaboration offering up a total of four garments, the products are intricate and well-designed. Trucker jackets are the star of the collection, with a specialty trucker jacket being sold by AMBUSH alone. Ultimately, the collaboration is polished and classic, not reinventing the wheel but still bringing a certain level of creativity. It’s sure to be a hit.

Image courtesy of Levi’s® x AMBUSH®
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