Lewis Hamilton to Star in New Valentino Campaigns

The Formula One champion will be the first-ever Valentino menswear DI.VA.

Valentino has tapped seven-time Formula One World Champion Sir Lewis Hamilton to be their very first menswear DI.VA and the face of their newest Pink PP campaign.  

Valentino DI.VAs, or DI.fferent VA.lues, are spokespeople who embody a certain character of codes and inner values that the brand stands for. Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli develops relationships with the brand’s DI.VAs in order to strengthen the conscious and progressive culture at Valentino.  

Hamilton was selected to be the latest DI.VA because of his strong sense of individuality and his fierce advocacy for global equity. He uses his position as the world’s most successful driver to influence the world beyond motorsports, specifically via his charitable foundation, Mission 44. Mission 44, which Hamilton started in 2021, supports and empowers children from underrepresented groups across the UK.  

Lewis Hamilton and Pierpaolo Piccioli.

“Lewis believes in what he does and shows it with effortless intensity,” says Piccioli. “I have seen him committing himself to social causes with great independency, I have seen him wearing a pink total look and making it personal, I have seen him smile and chat with people in a very laid-back way.” 

The DI.VA campaign is the latest step in a series of moves by the Maison to help foster community. “Great things happen when we embrace our authentic selves, but even greater things happen when we come together to exchange our visions, values, and creativity,” says Hamilton. “I am honoured to be joining forces with Creative Director and friend, Pierpaolo and Valentino, a brand I’ve long admired, to celebrate the Pink PP collection.” 

Along with the Pink PP campaign, Hamilton will work with Valentino the Narratives, a revolutionary text-only campaign. Hamilton’s segment, launching this fall, will focus on the concept of love.  

“I couldn’t think of a better friend for this campaign,” says Piccioli. “It will give an empathetic, human, inspiring message and it will be true, like the person behind the celebrity.”

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