Lil Miquela Contends for Song of the Summer

“Right Back” is a prime cut of post-pop engineering.

As a non-human, Lil Miquela is a Silicon Valley buzzword brought to life—a “disruptor” and “innovator” in any industry she enters, which include fashion, film and, perhaps most notably, music. The latter career path, on which she broke ground with last year’s “Hate Me” featuring Baauer, continues apace today with the release of her first solo-billed track, “Right Back,” an undeniable contender for our first post-pop song of the summer.

Uncanny in its catchiness, the song is produced by Carly Rae collaborator Jordan Palmer and written by Sarah Aarons (Kelsey Lu) and Whethan (Dua Lipa). And while Miquela is leaning into her solo-artist oats, promising a forthcoming tour in the exclusive interview below, the new tune’s hooky engineering rivals that of peak Fifth Harmony. So to any girl groups missing a member, Lil Miquela could be just the disruption they need.

Courtesy: Lil Miquela

Tell us about the process of assembling this team of writers and producers. Was there anything that made the process particularly natural or enjoyable?
Collaborating is a funny thing because sometimes it just clicks [and] you [may not] know why. Sarah Aarons is obviously an amazingly talented songwriter but she’s also this badass, genius, extremely lovable human being who I want to be around at all times. She’s so good at distilling these big emotions into something narrated by the voice inside your head. Whethan is just a lightning bolt. He’s like made of music; I can’t explain it. Same for Jordan. I feel like he was able to take this little idea of a song and turn into something we’re all immensely proud of.

In a sentence or two, what is “Right Now” about?
It’s about the best and worst parts of catching feelings.

How involved are you in the writing and/or production process?
It’s different for every song. Most recently I’ve been bringing in writers to help me realize
or finish a concept I have and I’ll bring in producers I trust to make sure it’s something you want to keep listening to over and over. I feel like this year has taught me a lot about the power of bringing smart, creative, fun people together on a project.

In V112 you said you couldn’t wait to start playing live—is this still a goal and what kinds of visuals/production could we expect?
Definitely, yes. I’d want to create an experience that feels personal. Like, I want it to feel like I’m inviting everyone into my space—a place where we can be honest with each other and be ourselves.

Tell us about your charitable partnerships with Planned Parenthood, Black Lives Matter and Let’s Vote. Did you approach them, or they you? What issues or causes within those organizations are you most passionate about?
Both! I’m passionate about causes that help young people and that also allow young people, regardless of their income level, to give back in meaningful ways. I like to work with organizations that inspire and empower people, that give them a platform to be seen and heard by one another. Right now, I’m researching ways to get more involved in environmental work, finding out about both small and bigger, more [systematic] ways of helping our planet.

Besides “Right Back,” are you betting on any contenders for “song of the summer” 2019?
I really think it’s going to continue to be a summer of yeehaw. [Lil Nas X’s] “Old Country Road” is going to be a big part of that wave.

Courtesy: Lil Miquela
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